Already In Work?

If you want to start a NowSkills IT Apprenticeship but already have a job, it’s possible that you can stay in that job while you study. Applicants should speak to a member of our student support team who will advise on whether or not your current job is compatible with our IT apprenticeship.

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To determine if your current job will suit an IT apprenticeship you will need to think about the following:

Is my job suitable? – your apprenticeship is made up of various practical tasks that need to be completed ‘on the job’. To ensure you can complete them successfully you need to be sure your current job role allows you the opportunity to do them properly. If not, you may need to consider a new job or a different role with your current employer.

Employer agreement – without the support of your employer it will be impossible to successfully complete your IT Apprenticeship. Your employer may have suggested an IT apprenticeship as a route to further your career or you may need to sit down and explain the benefits to them of agreeing for you to undertake the course.

The costs – your IT Apprenticeship is a big commitment, in terms or time and costs, for both you and your employer. Amongst other things, you will need time off to attend training courses plus study time to complete assignments. It’s important you have their agreement from the start so you need to make them aware of the time and cost implications involved.

How do I apply?
To find out if your current job is suitable for the NowSkills IT Apprenticeship or to start your application contact us today.