NowSkills has an Equality & Diversity (E&D) Policy which the company and its staff are legally obliged to comply with.

Equality is about fairness, everyone involved with NowSkills must understand that everyone has the right to be treated fairly. Diversity means understanding and appreciating one another’s differences. E&D does not mean that everyone should be treated the same – it means that everyone should be treated to their own individual needs so that they have equality of opportunity.

NowSkills recognises its legal responsibilities within E&D and is committed to:

  • Positive action to promote equality of opportunity in all employment and training
  • Monitoring of the above commitment to recognise access to training
  • Positive action to recognise the important cultural diversities and related differences that exist within modern society
  • Personal development of all staff and apprentices

All staff and associates, candidates and applicants will be given equal opportunity in respect of recruitment, in training, and in remuneration and promotion irrespective of their racial origins, sex, disability, marital status, religious beliefs, social backgrounds, sexual orientation or gender reassignment. All forms of cultural heritage are respected and their diversity is respected and valued.

Any involved with NowSkills is expected to behave in a non-discriminatory way towards the public, fellow employees, delegates and clients. Any breach of the policy may result in the disciplinary procedure being invoked.

If you require more information on E&D a full copy of our policy is available by speaking with your Tutor or Trainer, or contacting Daniel Wells, General Manager,

NowSkills can also provide links for further information regarding the topic of E&D should you wish to find out more.