To help you get an idea of the IT candidates we work with, you can exclusively take a look at a few of our candidates’Application Forms. Our IT candidates all have a passion for IT and a flare to a specific sector, for example our Digital Marketers are very creative, they’ve had experience using a few editing software such as Photoshop, After Effects, Paintshop Pro etc.

What’s an Application Form?

A NowSkills Application Form is what we get our suitable IT candidates to fill out. Once they fill out their forms, we will send them to you (the employer) to take a look at. On the form, they are asked about what they enjoy most about IT, what experiences do they have with IT, what can they offer to an employer etc.

Fancy interview a candidate like Luke?

Do you want someone who can become an IT Support Technician? Someone who can:

  • Troubleshoot and diagnose technical problems?
  • Work with hardware components and equipment?
  • Log support tickets and assist customers with IT related issues?

Fancy interview a candidate like Lucy?

Do you want someone who can become a successful Website Developer? Someone with the ideal coding skills who can:

  • Code and develop websites?
  • Use different coding scripts such as HTLM, JavaScript etc?
  • Be work ready, committed and reliable

Fancy interview a candidate like Tom?

Do you want someone who can become a professional Marketing Assistant? Someone who can:

  • Use various Marketing techniques such as; SEO, PPC etc.?
  • Understand how to use social media as a marketing tool?
  • Be creative and open to new ideas?