IT Application Specialist Advanced Apprenticeship

Who is this apprenticeship for?
Subject to the eligibility & suitability criteria of NowSkills, this apprenticeship is for new apprentices to the workplace, existing employees new to the role, or existing employees who have no formal qualifications related to the role.

Suggested job roles are: IT Clerk, Website Technician, Data Administrator, Digital Assistant, IT Application Officer.

What does this apprenticeship entail?
Developed by an IT specialist provider, working in partnership with employers in the IT industry across the North of England, the NowSkills IT Application Specialist Advanced Apprenticeship includes a mix of on and off-the-job training, which is designed to develop an apprentice’s IT skills and knowledge, and meet the skills needs of local employers.

This NowSkills apprenticeship is made to fit around an apprentice’s skills and areas for development. It’s not just about gaining the industry-recognised qualifications (although these are hugely important and valuable!) but it’s also about developing an apprentice’s real-life work skills. Moreover it is structured to fit around employer demands and can be tailored, in areas, to meet specific employer requirements.

NowSkills has developed this apprenticeship based on the nationally-recognised IT Application Specialist framework, which has been outlined by employers in the IT industry (such as British Airways, the Department for Work & Pensions, the BBC and the Royal Air Force) and the sector skills council for IT, The Tech Partnership.

Because the NowSkills apprenticeship is based on a national framework, it attracts funding from the UK Government to contribute towards the training.

Included Government-funded qualifications delivered by NowSkills exclusively in the North of England:

Level 3 Diploma in IT User Skills
Awarded by Edexcel, this qualification covers an apprentice’s ability to carry out tasks related to the job role, and have the knowledge to apply it correctly. This will be judged by a Vocational Tutor who will visit an apprentice regularly in order to support him/her on the course.

Once awarded this qualification an apprentice will have shown that he/she is competent and has knowledge in:

  • Improving productivity using IT
  • IT fundamentals
  • Setting up an IT system
  • Using email and the internet
  • Using bespoke software
  • Using video and audio software
  • Using generic office applications
  • Using social media applications
  • Updating existing websites with supplied content
  • Creating simple media content

Level 2 Functional Skills in English, Mathematics, & ICT

Personal Learning & Thinking Skills and Employee Rights & Responsibilities

Potential apprentices: Please visit the apprentice section of our website or give us a call/email if you’re interested in this apprenticeship, to find out more about the benefits of being a NowSkills apprentice, potential earnings, how the course is structured and availability.

Prospective employers: Please contact us (or request a call back) today to find out more about the benefits that a NowSkills apprentice can bring to your organisation, potential ROI, how the course is structured, availability and much more! Alternatively visit the employer section of our website to find out more.