As a specialist IT provider in the North of England, NowSkills is always looking to become affiliated with other providers that do not specialize in the field of IT.

NowSkills is already working with providers that specialise in the fields of Health & Social Care, Business and Construction to help them expand their offering and meet employer and apprentice demands.

If you and your organization would like to come to an affiliation agreement with NowSkills, please contact us on 01204 262431 or us the contact details here to find out more about the benefits:

  • Expand your organisations offering by working with NowSkills to deliver IT apprenticeships.
  • Prevent your customers from going to “supermarket-like” providers that offer IT apprenticeships, but also offer the courses that you deliver yourself.
  • NowSkills is already working with employers across the region that is interested in different types of apprenticeships and vocational training and so can refer these to your organisation.

NowSkills works with respected and trusted providers in the region – to deliver IT apprenticeships to employers and apprentices alike.

Because NowSkills is already partnered and regulated by these organisations, you can rest assured that NowSkills has undergone strict due-diligence processes to meet Skills Funding Agency, Ofsted, and Awarding Body criteria to deliver its programmes.