Why Employers Choose NowSkills

As an employer you fully appreciate how critical information technology (IT) is to the success of your business. You know that websites should be responsive and software bespoke; you like the idea of digital marketing and holding server data ‘in the cloud’. You realise that failure to keep up with developments in IT will, in the long run, affect your bottom line. Your IT-savvy competitors will gain the edge on you while your customers will demand it or go elsewhere.

Employing an IT Apprentice can provide solutions to many of the resource and skills challenges that you are facing. With the UK government funding up to 100% of many IT apprenticeship training programmes, it could cost you only an apprentice salary to add a full time member of staff to your workforce. However, the wealth of skills IT apprentices can bring to your business will prove priceless. For more information on apprenticeship grants and funding click here.