10 reasons why you should work with NowSkills!


Work with NowSkills

Honestly speaking, there are probably more than 1,000 reasons why you should work with NowSkills, but we understand how tiring it could be to read paragraph after paragraph. Hence why we have kindly put together the top 10 reasons why you should work with NowSkills.

First and foremost, you should work with NowSkills because we DO NOT charge any fees!

We are completely free and here to help support our Apprentices and employers from start to finish, we do everything for you and make sure we both see the finish line together.

Secondly, we are an IT Specialist training provider based in the North West and have a high degree of technical competency.

We’re only IT Specialised; everyone at NowSkills is fully focused on IT and know what we’re talking about when it comes to IT. Our team of trainers and assessors are fully qualified with many years of experience within the IT industry. They provide our Apprentices with high-quality training to ensure successful outcomes, hence why you should work with NowSkills.

We make sure that we find the right apprentices for your business.

NowSkills are only based in the North West; we know how to find you great talent locally.NowSkills receive 400+ applications a month and carefully screen our learners, finding out their location and career interests in order to perfectly match the right candidate to your business for no charge.

  • We have numerous repeat customers who come back to us for more Apprentices, so we know how to find the best-suited Apprentices for your business.

NowSkills work closely with employers and are trusted advisers.

When it comes to Apprenticeships, we are experts and know what we are doing. If you have any queries, we can help, whether it be about Apprenticeship funding rules or the Apprenticeship program itself.

Not only that, we offer a range of qualifications such as BCS, CIW, CompTIA, Microsoft, uCertify and so much more!

We help apprentices gain the skills needed for your company and support young learners throughout their apprenticeship which is clearly shown with our high success rate of 94%.

We work with premier brands!

The brands include Ucertify, LinkedIn Learning, OneFile and we are regulated by the ESFA!

NowSkills provide more than just online resources for our Apprentices.

We deliver a blend of 1:1 coaching sessions, classroom workshops, and e-learning. We care about quality. NowSkills believes that hands-on learning helps Apprentices to build their confidence and experience in.

When it comes to being environmentally friendly and sustainable – we’re doing it!

We encourage the use of public transport for both NowSkills staff and our Apprentices which is more sustainable for the environment and more cost-effective! Additionally, we promote discounted public transport passes to our Apprentices.

  • Not only that but our training centres are also located within city centres (Manchester & Liverpool) which makes public transport an option for most! We’re a North West based company which means our tutors stay regional ultimately minimizing fuel transmission!
  • Moreover, we provide online learning resources which means Apprentices won’t always have to travel to further locations to complete their off the job training and can simply learn in their workplace by using our resources.

NowSkills is an award-winning company and has been awarded the bronze and silver award from the Greater Manchester (GM) Chamber of Commerce for “adding social value” to Greater Manchester.


This Award’s mission states that they recognise the importance of social value. This links to the values of our own organisation and the work we do with other businesses. We work together with businesses to grow and progress the development of local skills and jobs. We positively influence the impact volunteers to make in communities and lead by example. NowSkills helps guide the quality and amount of socially responsible decisions businesses make to positively impact their community.

Finally, we deliver first-class apprenticeship programmes, delivered by our subject-specialist tutors.

Take a look at our level 3 and level 4 apprenticeship videos>>

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