Invest in Yourself

Invest in yourself

If you want to make a positive difference to your life and start a career in IT then you need to invest in yourself. You don’t need to invest any money, but you do need to invest your time and effort and take the opportunity that a NowSkills IT apprenticeship offers.

Anything worth having requires effort. If you’re accepted onto an IT apprenticeship by NowSkills and one of our employers you’ll need to invest 15 months of your life for much improved future progression opportunities.

How does the apprenticeship work?

For information on how your apprenticeship works, why not visit out How apprenticeships work page?

Your earning potential

If you’re working in the digital sector then you can expect to earn above-average salaries once you’re qualified. With 15 months of apprenticeship working experience, you can expect to accelerate your careers. For more information visit our Future Salary page.

No student debt – Yes!

As an IT Apprentice, you won’t have to pay for your training and the value of a digital apprenticeship can be as high as £18,000. That’s up to £18,000 worth of training for you funded either by the government or by your employer.

If you choose university or another route, there’s a high chance you’ll be expected to pay for your tuition. Be sure of all the facts before you make a decision, student debt is paid in the future but it does have to be paid.