Starting a Career in IT

Starting a Career in IT

Do you like computers and computing and love all things “techie”. You might love your coding and website building or perhaps everyone in your family ask you to fix their computer or you’ve been working in a computer shop on Saturdays. Maybe you’re a YouTube star, boss on social media or write the best blogs on latest trends.

Whatever part of the IT puzzle you’re geeky about, there are committed regional employers who are passionate about recruiting the next generation of digital talent into their teams and they’ll pay you to help them build their organisations.

But I’m not a computer expert!

You don’t need to be a whizz on computers to start an IT Apprenticeship. If you love dreaming up the ‘next big thing’ or relish the challenge of understanding how things work, then IT could be for you.

The IT industry attracts people from all walks of life. Unlike some professions, you don’t need specialised academic skills or top grades to enter it and be very successful. With IT it’s more important that you have a passion for what you do – you’re a problem solver, a flair for being creative, your have great customer service skills or a fascination with how things work.

The range of jobs in IT is so varied that it attracts a diverse workforce too. The list of IT-related professions is growing all the time – as technology advances so do the jobs needed to support and propel it forwards.

How much can I earn?

If you’re working in the digital sector then you can expect to earn above-average salaries once you’re qualified. With 15 months of apprenticeship working experience, you can expect to accelerate your careers. For more information visit our Future Salary page.

What does an employer expect?

NowSkills work only with employers who are committed to the apprenticeship process and set high expectation levels for our apprentices that enable them to succeed.

We meet with employers before they work with us and part of our process is to understand how an employer can support their apprentices. The main skills employers are looking for are enthusiasm and someone who is eager to learn.

Employers understand that your experience is limited, but if you’ve held down a part-time job that shows know how to be a good employee and be a team player. One of the most common recurring themes from employers employing an apprentice is communication skills! Employers want an apprentice who can communicate, someone who can talk to their colleagues and work on projects effectively.

What sort of apprenticeship roles could I do?

It depends on what you’re interested in. If you’re totally new to it or apprenticeships then you’ll likely join us on a level3 qualification apprenticeship.

We have “physical” IT jobs where you’ll be unpacking and configuring the latest kit, touchscreens, EPOS systems, telephones and working site to deploy a solution in a project team.

We also have challenging apprenticeship roles in Digital Marketing agencies, marketing departments and software coding teams.

Our friendly advisers are here to support you and give you advice and guidance about which roles would best suit your skills.