Starting a Career in IT


Ok, so you like computers and computing. You might love your coding and website building or perhaps everyone in your family ask you to fix their computer or you’ve been working in a computer shop on Saturdays. Maybe you’re a YouTube star, boss on social media or write the best blogs on latest trends. Whatever part of the IT puzzle you’re geeky about, we have employers who want to meet you. We love geeks at NowSkills, that’s because we’re the same as you. It’s time to Start your career in IT!


You don’t need to be a whizz on computers to start an IT Apprenticeship. If you love dreaming up the ‘next big thing’ or relish the challenge of understanding how things work, then IT could be for you.

The IT industry attracts people from all walks of life. Unlike some professions, you don’t need specialised academic skills or top grades to enter it and be very successful. With IT it’s more important that you have a passion for what you do – a flair for being creative or a fascination with how things work. The range of jobs in IT is so varied that it attracts a diverse workforce too. The list of IT-related professions is growing all the time – as technology advances so do the jobs needed to support and propel it forwards.

Take a look at some of the Apprenticeship job titlesSoftware Engineer, Data Analyst, Digital Marketer, Web Developer.

In any other industry roles like these would require years of specialist academic study just to qualify but with no guarantee of a job at the end of it. Together with a passion for your work, to be successful in IT, you just need the right qualifications and practical experience under your belt.

Take a look at your future, why not find out what you can pursue after you complete your IT Apprenticeship.


Employers who come to NowSkills want to employ the next generation of IT talent today. Before we agree to work with an employer, we check them out to see what they can offer our IT Apprentices. The best employers love telling us what they offer, or how successful their previous Apprentices were or the benefits, pizza days or company milestones they’ve achieved together. The best employers know what Apprentices are about and they let us know what they need to make their business successful, with that in mind, not every company will be right for you and often the one you didn’t expect turns out to be a perfect match.

We have first line support IT Apprenticeship where the employer’s main requirement is that you have communication skills from day 1. They’ll teach you IT through the year. Can you communicate and answer phone calls? Then there’s a good chance you’ll be shortlisted.

We have other jobs where everyone is coding silently in an office and all communication is via messenger. If you can code and demonstrate to the boss that you’re tomorrow’s talent, then you’ll be on their shortlist.

We have “physical” IT jobs where you’ll be unpacking and configuring the latest kit, touchscreens, EPOS systems, telephones and working site to deploy a solution in a project team. No Apprentices have these sort of specific skills from day one, so what do these employers want? A “can-do” attitude, reliability and willingness to learn.

We have similar jobs in Digital Marketing agencies, marketing departments and coding teams. The variety of requirements and jobs we have is vast and we have new jobs coming in every day. Every employer is different and what we need to do is find you a role where you fit the culture, love the role, pass the IT Apprenticeships and springboard your way into a successful IT career!

Are you ready to start your IT journey? – Join the IT Squad now


There are thousands of IT job vacancies right across the UK but aren’t enough qualified people to fill the roles, as technology expands, the IT skills gap will continue to increase. Enter the next generation of IT professionals: NowSkills Apprentice Squad!

Ok, so from day 1 you might not earn a fortune, the Apprentice minimum wage isn’t much to shout about. Don’t worry, many of our employers pay above the minimum and some pay your travel expenses, but whatever wage you’re paid, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture: this is YOUR IT Apprenticeship, YOUR investment of time. In just over a year you’ll have your qualifications, you’ll have a year’s work experience, you’ll have a network of colleagues who work in IT. After just 1 year your CV and career outlook will be miles ahead of where it is when you started.

Learn today and the big money will come later


Once you have a few years under your belt in the IT industry, then you might want to start thinking about putting your experience to work on a big job. It’s worth comparing IT Apprenticeships to other Apprenticeships with this in mind: “where can this Apprenticeship take me?”. IT Apprentices of today are tomorrow’s IT Managers, IT Directors, Tech Firm CEOs and leaders on IT Advisory Boards.

This graph below from shows how a job in the IT Sector stacks up against other big sectors. To see the full page you can follow this link

Why not do your own research on pay in the IT Industry. Take a long-term view on your future earnings potential. Use an IT Apprenticeship to springboard your career and open doors.