Already in work?

If you already have a job then there’s a chance we can enrol you straight on to an apprenticeship. However, it depends on the job role you’re doing. The way apprenticeship standards work is that you need to be doing the job role for the apprenticeship you’re enrolled on. So for example, if your job is working in a supermarket checkout or at a car wash or something non-digital, then its likely we can’t enrol you straight onto an apprenticeship.

If your role isn’t suitable for an apprenticeship

If your job role isn’t a match to one of our digital apprenticeships don’t worry, we engage with the most committed regional employers who have a range of job openings that match our apprenticeships and these employers will provide assistance and challenge to help you achieve to the best of your ability. It may be that you need to change jobs, which will require you to register with us and then attend interviews.

If you’re not sure which IT career is right for you or you want to know more about this process, have a look at our Careers Advice and Guidance pages.

I have a role that is suitable for an apprenticeship…I think

If you already have a digital job, maybe you work in a marketing team or IT support or a similar role and you want to be sure, why not contact us with a short message explaining your situation? One of our friendly advisers will be back in touch to discuss your options.

It’s likely you will need to involve your line manager or HR manager before you can enrol, so if this is the case we’re happy to do that for you and give them all the reason why the apprenticeship will be of benefit to their organisation.

In most cases, employers enrolling employees don’t have to pay any extra monies towards your training or qualifications. If there is a cost, they’ll likely receive up to 95% funding and if you are 16, 17 or 18 years of age they’ll also receive an additional payment from the government. There are no hidden costs.

We’re always happy to take the time to explain the funding and the benefits to employers who are considering enrolling their employees onto an apprenticeship.

Remember the apprenticeship isn’t easy, you’ll have to work!

Nothing worth having is easy and whilst the funded training courses and qualifications are a really good feature of apprenticeships, remember that you’ll have to do some study, assignments, attend classroom learning sessions and take examinations. The good news all these take place in your work time (20% off the job training) but the bad news is that….you do have to do it!

So, if you’ve not studied for some time it may be a shock to the system. Whilst we will support you and set high expectations for your success with our highly trained tutors, at the end of the day you will have to do some study and exams. If you need more clarification on what is involved, please contact us with a short message.

To find out if your current job role is suitable for the NowSkills IT Apprenticeship or to start your application contact us today or fill out the form to hear from a member of our friendly team.

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