After your IT Apprenticeship


So you’ve completed your IT Apprenticeship. Well done! But your journey hasn’t ended. In actual fact, you’ll be relieved to hear that this is just the beginning. For many, this stage might be considered quite scary: What’s going to happen now? What can I do?

Calm down, we’ve got you sorted! NowSkills is very proud of our above average success rate – 92% of young learners who taking an Apprenticeship scheme with NowSkills continue to either work with their employer, find further work, or progress into further education.

There are different qualification levels that you can progress to, for example: if you complete a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, you can progress to a Level 4 qualification in Digital Marketing. Why not check out your next opportunity and see what Apprenticeship Levels are available.

The NowSkills team are still happy to help you, even after completion of the Apprenticeship. Just like the beginning of your relationship with NowSkills, whether CV tips, advice on where to look for work, or just some reassurance, we can guarantee that we’re here to help!

On request, we can also provide copy certificates, write references and confirm course attendance or job history.

Many of our young learners have built up careers as;

  • Software Engineers- potential earning £42,000
  • Web/software Developers– potential earning £30,000
  • Digital Marketers– potential earning £36,000
  • Helpdesk Professionals- potential earning £37,000
  • Database Administrators- potential earning £30,000
  • Systems Supporters- potential earning £30,000
  • Software Testers– potential earning £37,000
  • Website Administrators- potential earning £20,000
  • Network Engineers– potential earning £35,000