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Easy to follow, careers advice for apprentices. We understand that starting a new job can be nerve-wracking.

We all need a little careers advice and guidance now and again, that’s why at NowSkills, we’ve put together lots of learning resources for our apprentices!

Step 1: Career Researching

Before you decide which area of IT you want to begin your career in, we recommend you research different roles. Each one has strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and requires different skill sets.

At NowSkills we offer a range of digital apprenticeships in Digital Marketer, Software Development Technician and Infrastructure Technician at Level 3; and Data Analyst, IS Business Analyst, Software Developer and Network Engineer at Level 4. (More on qualification levels)

Each type of role is different, so review our course outlines, read carefully the different tasks within each job role and then have a look at job boards such as Totaljobs and Indeed and see what you could be potentially earning after your apprenticeship.


Why not think about your own IT experience to see which role best matches your current interests? For example, if you enjoy being creative plus you have experience editing and creating images on Photoshop, why not investigate the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship.

For those of you who are totally new to IT, it’s a good idea for you to start gaining basic experience and knowledge. We’ve collated some useful resources to help you with your chosen career choice. But if you visit YouTube, you’ll find lots more helpful advice.

New to IT?  Resources for each type of role
Digital Marketing 
Web/Software Development 
Infrastructure Technician

Step 2: Apply and think smart

So you’ve chosen an IT career path, now it’s time to launch you to success! To get the apprenticeship you deserve you need to think smart and we will support you. When you apply/register, one of our friendly recruitment advisers will phone you to take you through the screening process. During the call, they will ask you about your aspirations and make suggestions and offer advice.

If following the call, you’re still interested in an IT apprenticeship, we will send you a NowSkills IT Apprenticeships Application Form to fill out. You should treat this application form like a CV.  Once you have completed it, check it once and then check it again.

What does the maths and English read like to an employer? Have you checked your grammar? Have you really “sold yourself” to an employer.  If you have some examples of your work however minor, maybe a website you coded, a certificate of achievement or anything relevant to your past successes, be sure to include it – its a chance to show off how good you are.

We find the apprentices who are offered the most interviews with leading employers have stronger, applications forms that they have put time and effort into.


Imagine you are a hiring manager. If you received your application form what would you think? Spelling? Grammar? Relevant experience? Hobbies? If an application looks like no effort has been put into it, the employer will likely think you’ll put no effort into your role with them.

We know that’s not true, so make your application form the best version of you!

Step 3: Interview Preparation

You may have had experience attending interviews before, or it may be your first time. Either way, we always recommend taking some careers advice for students. Interview prep is key, you may think you’ll be fine without it but trust us, prepping does help and it really does work!

At NowSkills, we schedule Interview Prep sessions with all of our learners. This may be a phone call, video conference or face to face meeting.


Be sure to read our Free Interview Guides – but if you attend an interview and aren’t successful don’t worry. Interview experience is never wasted. You’ll be even better at the next interview and the interview after that if necessary. Apprentices on average attend 2-3 interviews before they find the right apprenticeship.

Things happen for a reason, if you’re unsuccessful it’s likely because the perfect apprenticeship role is just around the corner! We are here to support you!

Perhaps an IT apprenticeship isn’t suitable for you

If we don’t have any apprenticeships suitable for you at the moment, perhaps because of location or experience or we don’t have the exact type of role you’re looking for, or after researching more you’ve decided an it apprenticeship it isn’t for you, don’t worry, there’s still lots and lots of opportunities out there for you.


Traineeships are a great way to help boost your skills and confidence before diving into a full-time Apprenticeship. You could receive full training, as well as support and guidance with maths & English resit exams.

Access the National Careers Service

The National Careers Service offers free advice and guidance to help you make decisions around learning, training and work. You can use the National Career Service to search for learning and training courses near you, as well as apprenticeships for all ages and levels and find out about funding options to support you.

You can also search and browse hundreds of job profiles to find out about average salaries, woCareers Advice For Students NowSkillsrking hours, career progression, receive a ‘skills health check’ to help you discover what kinds of job roles you’re best suited to, book a digital National Careers Service session where an expert adviser will support you in creating an action plan to help you achieve your goals or you use the National Careers Service web chat in regards to any concerns or questions you may have.