Apprenticeship Return on Investment

Apprenticeship Return on Investment

Apprenticeship Return on Investment

Whether you are recruiting a new employee for an apprenticeship programme or if you plan to enrol existing employees, as an employer your apprenticeship return on investment is likely to be excellent where you work with a digital apprenticeship specialist such as NowSkills.

If you are an apprentice or considering applying for a digital apprenticeship and you’re wondering about your own Return on Investment, please follow this link to learn more > Invest in Yourself

If you employ apprentices you’ll be investing both financially and investing your time. For specific financial information, we have pages for Levy Paying Employers and Non-Levy Paying Employers.

With so much help available for employers thinking of hiring an Apprentice you may be left wondering ‘what’s the catch?’ Well, there is no catch as such, but your business will be expected to invest in an Apprentice and their future by offering an excellent place to work, time to study and room to grow to their potential.

If you are able to offer these things, we have found that employers achieve a significant return on their investment for many years after the digital apprentice joins their organisation.

Digital Apprentices can be any age, with different incentives for employers to employ different age bands.

Support your IT apprentice

The other commitment you need to make as an employer is to the support of your IT apprentice. New apprentices are often paid less than an experienced new hire, its the trade-off for the training and education they will be receiving with you.

Secondly, most IT Apprenticeship programs are 15-24 months long, your business must commit to employing the Apprentice for this length of time.

This period is essential for the Apprentice to receive the required amount of training and experience to pass the course and progress into an IT career. This not only benefits the Apprentice but could also benefit you, the employer, in the long-run. This Apprentice could potentially be a future important member of your business within the future.

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Long term ROI

What you invest in a Digital Apprentice now will, long-term, sharpen your business’s competitive edge and grow your bottom line significantly.

IT apprentice application process

The application process will depend on if you’re enrolling your own existing employee or if you’re hiring a new apprentice to join your organisation.

Before we’ll introduce you to a new Digital Apprentice, we spend (a lot) of time screening apprentices – we learn about their ambitions, skills and potential. Our screening process is crucial to ensure that they are as committed and serious about the Apprenticeship as we expect the employers to be, but also, it is just as important to know that they have the potential to benefit a company and progress.

Whether an apprentice is a new or existing member of staff, we expect all Apprentices to take the time to make their applications professional. We believe if they are serious about becoming an IT Apprentice; they will put effort into their application, interviews and attendance our assessment centres.

Be a good apprentice employer

If you’d like to discuss enrolling your existing employees or you would like to employ a new it apprentice and you have more questions, please complete our employer call back request.

A member of our team will contact you for a free, no-obligation discussion.