Apprenticeships are making an impressive comeback post-lockdown


Apprentices felt the negative effects of lockdown

Due to the recent lockdowns, many apprentices faced the negative effects of being unable to work onsite or in the office to gain practical experience. In fact, it was reported by TES that due to lockdown, the number of individuals starting an apprenticeship halved.

Apprentices are making a comeback

Despite the hardships, the 2020-2021 Annual Report by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education recorded that 50,000 learners were able to complete their apprenticeships. This is largely thanks to the implementation of online teaching, virtual learning and remote working. Apprenticeships play a crucial role in ensuring organisations have a workforce with the correct skills to compete in a competitive landscape.

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A blended solution that makes an impact

The COVID-19 pandemic forced training providers to rethink their apprenticeship training delivery and quickly move as much of their training online as possible. However, as lockdowns were released and people learn to live in a post-pandemic world, the way apprenticeship training is delivered has changed forever. Everyone is more comfortable with online conferencing and the use of this technology has provided opportunities for apprentices, employers and training providers.

At NowSkills, we’ve modified our training delivery to include technology-enabled remote learning, however, we’re still retaining our commitment to face to face training.


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