IT Apprenticeships in Manchester


IT and digital apprenticeships in Manchester

In Manchester, there are a number of different apprenticeships on offer and here with NowSkills we offer a variety of different courses to kick start your career in IT!

About us

NowSkills are a company based in the North West with offices in Bolton, Manchester and Liverpool. We are privileged to be known as one of the leading providers of IT and Digital apprenticeships. Here at Now Skills not just Creativity and Innovation but also visionary ideas are at the centre of what we do. NowSkills aim to provide young people with apprenticeships to develop upon a passion for IT and embrace Geekiness! NowSkills are proud to hold a 94% success rate with apprentices resulting in the best possible outcomes for everyone. We are also working to take feedback and use it to develop our approach to all aspects of the work.

The technical team

NowSkills team members consist of trainers, tutors and learning support staff. Anyone working with our team knows the focal point of our work is commitment, dedication and high quality. NowSkills take great concern of every individual apprentice to make sure they maximise their potential and do the best they can! Our team work tirelessly in order to provide both apprentices and employers with the best possible service. Our team are dedicated to both their work and clients in all circumstances and the team strive to provide a positive learning environment for the students. The team often tackle enquiries and problems to find the most rewarding outcome for everyone.

Apprenticeships we offer

NowSkills offer a wide variety of different apprenticeships to cater for almost everyone’s needs. We offer both level 3 and level 4 apprenticeships in many different areas of digital and IT related work. More information on the different courses we offer can be found here. Additionally, NowSkills offer classroom courses that can be taken to further build upon a career or passion in IT. The apprenticeships on offer with now skills are at a permanent high standard. The apprenticeships come with a period of 6 weeks classroom-based training without the boring edge of sitting in a classroom, separated into different blocks. NowSkills try to implement fun ways of earning as well as learning.

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How to register

If a potential career in IT excites you then working here with now skills have a large number of exceptional benefits additionally Now skills helps to kick start your career in IT. NowSkills can offer young students a competitive salary with generous leave as well as an endless level of creativity implemented into every task you do. If you feel you would like to be part of our exciting team then click here to head over to our registering page. Register online for a life-changing opportunity with NowSkills.

Contact us

Tel: 0161 714 1410


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