Digital Basics

Our Digital Basics Course

This Digital Basics classroom training courses are included in some NowSkills Apprenticeship Standards. Please check our schedule for the location and date of your training. The classroom courses learners attend will vary depending upon the Apprenticeship Standard they are completing.


10 working days across 2 weeks (Monday-Friday)

Who should attend?

The Digital Basics course is suitable for any apprentice leaving secondary or tertiary education who has a keen interest in Digital IT and who is enrolled onto a NowSkills IT Apprenticeship.

What will the apprentice learn?

Digital basics will develop the apprentice’s knowledge, skills and understanding of the following:

Introduction to IT Business and Careers

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • IT Job Roles
  • IT Industry Career Opportunities
  • Technical Concepts and Training
  • Technology Adoption Models
  • Business Modeling
  • Additionally, Data Modeling
  • The Importance of Standards
  • and also That’s a Hot Site

 Also, Introduction to Internet Communication

  • Communicating via the Internet
  • Modern Web Technologies
  • Social Networking
  • Additionally, Messaging
  • Blogging
  • Communicating Effectively over the Internet
  • Convergence and Unified
  • Additionally, Communications Technologies
  • Web 2.0
  • and also Travel Guide?

Also, Introduction to Internet Technology

  • Internet Technology
  • Additionally, Overview of Networks
  • Overview of the Internet
  • Additionally, Connecting to the Internet
  • Internet Protocols
  • Additionally, Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Cloud Computing
  • and also Computing in the Cloud