Google Squared

Google Squared


To begin your Squared Online certificate in marketing you’ll be introduced to your key contacts in the Squared Online team, get an overview of what to expect on the course and gain an insight into the essence of Squared directly from Google.

Module 1 – A Connected World

This module will introduce you to the world of digital and marketing strategy and develop your understanding of how consumer and brand behaviour has changed in light of the rapidly developing digital experiences present in our daily lives.

Module 2 – Think Disruptive

Through this marketing certification, you’ll gain an insight into the rise of digital, and how businesses have harnessed new digital technologies to disrupt traditional industries and drive innovation, growth and change. You’ll learn about the value of using business model frameworks to develop disruptive commercial ideas.

Module 3 – Think Like a Brand

This module of the Google certificate in marketing explores brands consideration and deliver strategies that drive awareness.

Overall, with this marketing certification, you’ll learn how in organisations display and content marketing play key roles in these journeys. Also, how marketers combine them to engage their target audience.

Module 4 – Think Optimised

When looking for marketing courses it’s important to find one that includes a focus on optimisation and analytics. Module 4 gives you an overview of data, measurement and insights to assess performance and drive action.

As part of your study, you’ll consider how to optimise and evolve an organisation’s digital presence in a data-driven way. Additionally, these are highly valued digital skills and an important part of your marketing certification.

Module 5 – The Ongoing Revolution

The final module to gain your certificate in marketing is a chance to draw together many of the ideas covered over the previous months.

Finally, In the final class of this module, we’ll help you to see the big picture and work out where you want to go next after you graduate with the Squared Online marketing certification.