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Careers Advice Quiz – for aspiring young learners across the North West We understand that choosing a career path can be very difficult. Either you know what you want to pursue, or you are unsure where your skills and knowledge will fit into. Although we can’t decide for you, at NowSkills, we will do our […]

How the Apprenticeship Levy Calculator works – A Complete Guide First of all, the Apprenticeship Levy came into force in April 2017, charging organisations with an annual wage bill of more than £3 Million an additional 0.5%. This amount is kept in a levy fund which can be used only on apprenticeship training of existing […]

  Why choose a Government Apprenticeship? It is estimated that around 17000 people in the UK got involved in digital apprenticeships in the year 2014 – 2015 (Tech Partnership 2014-15*). As compared to the year 2013 – 2014, this number shows an increase of about 21% which is huge. Digital Apprenticeship startup Currently, it is estimated […]

High Search Engine Ranking Optimisation               How to rank high in search engines – If you are here then most probably the question in your mind is “How to rank high in SERP?” So get all geared up to achieve top ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, and […]

The UK Government is investing in the country’s future talent and wants employers to create 3 million apprenticeship jobs by 2020 supported by funding.

From April 2018, employers will be able to transfer levy funds to other employers!

The new Now Skills website has finally arrived.