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Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools Digital Marketing Tools benefits everyone. Business is a tricky thing. There are so many aspects that one needs to learn. How to run a business, the customer base, operations logistics and a lot more. One of the prime factors is digital marketing. Digital is how one can describe the 21st […]

Work with NowSkills! Honestly speaking, there are probably more than 1,000 reasons why you should work with NowSkills, but we understand how tiring it could be to read paragraph after paragraph. Hence why we have kindly put together the top 10 reasons why you should work with NowSkills.     First and foremost, you should […]

What are ICT Apprenticeships? ICT Apprenticeships, also known as IT Apprenticeship or Digital Apprenticeship, is exactly what the name suggests. It is an apprenticeship which specialises in ICT, so all areas of IT. This could include coding, networking, online marketing, etc… The Digital sector has been growing quite fast and so has the IT Apprenticeship […]

Apprenticeship levy funds expire: Employers lost access to £96 million of their apprenticeship funds in the last two months! In June of 2019, employers have lost access to an overwhelming £26 million of their Apprenticeship Funds.  This is only an increasing number as in the last two months £96 million has gone unclaimed! Businesses who […]

It’s only days until it’s GCSE results day 2019, where Year 11 students across the country receive their GCSE results. The NowSkills team have our fingers crossed and hope you get the grades you’re hoping for! We understand that GCSE results day 2019 will be an extremely daunting day for young people. When thinking about […]

From April 2018, employers will be able to transfer levy funds to other employers!

This sort of claim will always be disputed, however, over recent years the digital scene in Manchester and Liverpool is holding strong despite the effects of Brexit anxiety and uncertainty. Exciting new digital start-ups, fin-tech unicorns, robotics, AI and ambitious automation projects within advanced manufacturing clearly demonstrates the growth potential for digitally-driven business enterprise within our […]

It’s our tutors that make the difference! NowSkills digital marketing Apprentices are tutored and coached by a great team to develop the knowledge, skills and competence needed to support effective content marketing and work within digital marketing teams. Our tutors are ‘real world’ experienced and vetted carefully to ensure that NowSkills apprentices are getting the […]

Recent research has revealed that content marketing can generate more than three times as many leads as outbound marketing. To get this right you need people in your organisation with the digital skills, knowledge and experience to support and drive SEO, social media marketing and inbound marketing strategies. Whether you decide to outsource, increase skilled […]

Careers Advice Quiz – for aspiring young learners across the North West We understand that choosing a career path can be very difficult. Either you know what you want to pursue, or you are unsure where your skills and knowledge will fit into. Although we can’t decide for you, at NowSkills, we will do our […]