Classroom or virtual

Classroom or virtual training

Classroom or virtual training, what's the difference?

Classroom or virtual training, what's the difference?

Giving apprentices and employers a good deal

The COVID-19 pandemic forced training providers to rethink their apprenticeship training delivery and quickly move as much of their training online as possible. However, as lockdowns were released and people learn to live in a post pandemic world, the way apprenticeship training is delivered has changed forever. Everyone is more comfortable with online conferencing and use of this technology has provided opportunities for apprentices, employers and training provider.

At NowSkills, we’ve modified our training delivery to include technology enabled remote learning, however, we’re still retaining our commitment to face to face training.

A blended solution that makes an impact

Moving all of our delivery virtually, for example to using Zoom or Microsoft Teams, could create significant savings for us. We could save on physical classroom rents, business rates, utility costs, hardware, insurance. We could offer a national training solution overnight. But we don’t want to do this.

 We’re a privately owned training organisation and as such our ethics and governance require us to give apprentices and their employers the best deal possible, we like face to face training, and we think the best deal includes face to face learning in the classroom and our tutors visiting employers’ premises. 

However, we realise that some learners, for example, Level 4 or very capable learners, may prefer to attend virtual classroom and virtual 1:1 sessions, and for these learners we can offer a blended solution.

How does NowSkills deliver learning?

1:1 tutor sessions: Apprentices have a monthly tutor teaching and portfolio session, as session where the apprentice’s workplace mentor attends for a short time to give feedback and synchronize upcoming work that will help the apprentice to build their experience and portfolio. Initial sessions are likely to be delivered face to face, so the mentor and apprentice can meet the NowSkills tutor in person. Further sessions may be delivered remotely if everyone is comfortable with the technology and the apprentices is progressing well.

Classroom technical training & workshops: Every NowSkills apprenticeship includes scheduled training events where the apprentices learns new technical skills and knowledge. We have scheduled a mix of classes online and in the physical classrooms. Your tutor and our Operations Team will advise which classes are virtual and which are in a physical classroom.

Where training is scheduled to be virtual, we have structured the day and delivery method to encourage learner participation. These online events are convenient for many apprentices, who can avoid travel.

At NowSkills, we are committed to training delivery in physical classrooms. We believe that physical attendance allows apprentices to focus on their learning away from their place of work, to build positive behaviours such as independently travelling to our city centre classrooms, to build professional networks with other apprentices during class or during breaks, something that is not possible during virtual classroom training.

Overall, we believe that physical classroom learning gives apprentices and their employers and experience that adds real value to their apprenticeship journey.

Safeguarding considerations

All NowSkills staff are trained in Safeguarding and we take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously. 

Potential safeguarding warning signs that would be noticed in face to face situations, could easily be missed when delivery is 100% virtual.

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