Digital Marketing Apprenticeships – Raising the bar


It's our tutors that make the difference!

NowSkills’ apprentices are supported by a great team of subject-specialist tutors who encourage learners to develop the knowledge, skills and competence needed to support effective content marketing and work within digital marketing teams.

Our tutors are ‘real world’ experienced and vetted carefully to ensure that NowSkills’ apprentices are getting the best, up to date support and advice throughout their apprenticeship journey.

Uniquely, we also build in 6 weeks of classroom time, LinkedIn learning and additional vendor qualifications to our programmes to add real value.

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What skills will Digital Marketing apprentices develop?

Check out some of the skills and knowledge a Digital Marketers will develop over 12-15 months:

  • Principles of coding digital marketing apprentice
  • Delivering digital marketing campaigns
  • Digital and social media strategies, platforms 
  • Search marketing, SEO, web analytics and metrics, mobile apps and pay per click
  • Digital etiquette
  • Data protection
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Competitor Research
  • Link building
  • Expired Domains
  • Google analytics, google ads 
  • MailChimp, email marketing 
  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

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