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NowSkills is an Independent Training provider with a contract from the Department for Education to deliver Digital Apprenticeships. We are not a college and as such, we are able to keep our range of curriculum very tight and focus entirely on Digital Apprenticeships.

Because we can focus all of our attention on Digital Apprenticeships we can attract the very best tutors and trainers to deliver our courses. We work together as a team of digital experts and enthusiasts to build courses that work for modern organisations.

We cover digital marketing, software development, network support, data analysis and IS business analysis and much more. – see our range of Apprenticeships Each member of our digital apprenticeship team works only in their specialist area and they are employed following a stringent recruitment process that ensures they will stretch the most talented learners.

Our digital apprenticeship courses include high-quality 1-2-1 tuition, hands-on training and classroom environments in city-centre locations and our digital apprenticeship courses include vendor qualifications. Our commitment to Quality,  Safeguarding, Equality and Diversity gives confidence to parents, learners and employers who know they are working with a team who genuinely care.

Our sales and customer service teams are trained in digital apprenticeships and many join us with a background in IT that allows them to quickly understand the technical demands of your organisation and the to assess if the job roles they are discussing will map successfully to a Digital Apprenticeship Standard.

We appreciate that not all IT roles are the same, we have to make the standard flexible to fit the roles and we excel in doing that.

If you have ever had an apprentice leave their apprenticeship before completion you’ll know the disappointment this can cause for the apprentice and the employer. We spend time making sure our apprentices and employers have successful outcomes. We assess the employer’s role and the technical ability and aspirations of the apprentice.

Apprentices leave for a variety of reasons, but in our experience, they are more likely leave where a) the role was not fully understood by the salespeople at the training organisation or b) the assigned tutor/trainer was not technically equipped to technically challenge the learner or c) the recruitment screening process was not robust enough.

NowSkills’ tried and tested methods coupled with our commitment to digital apprenticeship quality give your organisation and your apprentices the best opportunity for success.