Employer Return on Investment


With so much help available for employers thinking of hiring an Apprentice you may be left wondering ‘what’s the catch?’ Well, there is no catch as such, but your business will be expected to invest in an Apprentice and their future in other ways.


Apprentices can be any age, with different incentives for employers to employ different age bands. If you employ a 16, 17 or 18-year-old apprentice the training will be fully funded (May 2017). If they are 19+ then you’ll need to pay a % towards their learning. You’ll need to pay a different wage depending on their age too. If you have a payroll over £3 million then you’ll be using your Apprenticeship Levy to pay for the training but not the wages. It can be quite complex and you may or may not pay for your training if you’re unsure please give us a call and we can explain how it works for you.

A high percentage of our IT and Digital Apprenticeships are aged 16-18. With many of our young learners being recent school leavers, they may have little to no experience within a work environment. With a 92% success/completion rate, and a 94% rate of repeat customers, NowSkills can proudly say that it is very rare that employers find trouble with their Apprentices committing to them, but employers must be aware that there is always a possibility.


The other commitment you need to make as an employer is to the support of your IT apprentice. You’ll likely be paying your IT apprentice less than an experienced new hire, its the trade off for the training and education they will be receiving with you.

Secondly, most IT Apprenticeship programs are 15-18 months long, your business must commit to employing the Apprentice for this length of time. This period is essential for the Apprentice to receive the required amount of training and experience to pass the course and progress into an IT career. This not only benefits the Apprentice but could also benefit you, the employer, in the long-run. This Apprentice could potentially be a future important member of your business within the future.


Whilst we acknowledge these commitments come with their own risks, we also know what you invest in an Apprentice now will, long-term, sharpen your business’s competitive edge and grow your bottom line significantly.

When you invest in employing a young person with no track record you are taking a gamble. Will they stay the course? Will they be mature? Or will they misrepresent my business? Will they take it seriously? These are questions we hear from concerned business owners time and again, and rightly so. NowSkills are here to support you and answer all your questions!


Although our team love a good laugh, we take our Apprenticeship placements very seriously.

Before we’ll introduce you to an Apprentice, we spend (a lot) of time screening apprentices – we learn about their ambitions, skills and potential. Our screening process is crucial to ensure that they are as committed and serious about the Apprenticeship as we expect the employers to be, but also, it is just as important to know that they have the potential to benefit a company and progress. We expect all Apprentices to take the time to make their applications professional. We believe if they are serious about becoming an IT Apprentice; they will put effort into their application, interviews and attendance our assessment centres. Although there is always a risk, we can guarantee that NowSkills have made every effort to check the Apprentice’s potential.


In return for employment conditions for Apprentices, there are also some expectations of employers.

Once taking on an Apprentice, we expect employers to take a serious approach. We understand that it is a big commitment. However, the employers will have to consider all aspects before taking on an Apprentice. An Apprenticeship is a huge career step for young learners; it is the opportunity to progress and to begin building a career within an industry they are passionate about. Therefore if an employer pulls out of the Apprenticeship scheme, not only may it be very distressing for the Apprentice, but it also risks their future progression.

If there is any problem, please discuss it with our team. They will quickly try to resolve the issue.

See our process, to see how it is all done.