Why Employers Choose NowSkills


NowSkills is simple. We only deliver high-quality IT Apprenticeships in Liverpool & Manchester. When we say IT we don’t mean we just deliver a low-level IT apprenticeship as part of a collection of scores of different subjects with a generic trainer and no matter the role your learner will end up on the same IT framework. No, we don’t do that.

The thing is we’re a bit geeky when it comes to IT just like our apprentices. We’re going to spend time talking to you and visiting you to find the role in your organisation. We need to know if its a software developer role how much development there is, what level and language are you working in, what are your expectations? If it’s an Infrastructure Technician role what’s the job? Hands-on fixing computers, building kit or helpdesk with an emphasis on customer service and fault diagnosis. If you’re planning to invest heavily in online marketing you’ll need an apprentice who can write content and measure ROI on your online campaigns. All very different people for different roles.


NowSkills delivers quality for our apprentices and our employers. Have you had an apprentice “fall off programme” for whatever reason? Did you have an experience that made you think twice about hiring another apprentice? That’s not good. At NowSkills 92% of our apprentices complete their apprenticeship. That’s a high success rate but it’s not by accident, we spend time making sure our apprentices and employers have successful outcomes.

What can you offer an apprentice? Why do they want to work here? Large or small employer every employee wants a sense of purpose and meaningful role that makes a difference. If you’re a young apprentice who codes all day and you’re sent for an interview in a PC repair shop, it’s not going to work. It’s going to waste the employer’s time and the apprentice’s time. If there’s a start then likely a failed apprenticeship within a few months ones each party realises the match isn’t right.

We want a match that works for everyone and then you’ll come back to us time and again as your grow your teams using motivated IT apprentices.

At NowSkills we understand that there are lots of different IT roles and lots of different IT apprentices. Our process gives everyone the highest chance of success. We’re not pushy sales people putting square pegs in round holes, we’re looking to build a relationship with you as a trusted advisor.

We care about successful apprenticeships and we know the best employers do too.


It’s not just about tech skills and passion. You’re recruiting for your team and your existing people. You’re going to have a culture in your office and the last thing you need is a distraction or someone who’s unreliable. Its true you never really know any employee until they’ve been in post for a while but we’re going to try and make the process as risk-free as we can. More and more of our employers realise people skills are key to success.

We spend time assessing our applicants to find the right fit for your team.


This one is common sense, but if you’re employing/interviewing an IT apprentice on minimum wage who is starting on a 15-month apprenticeship they’re not going to be as good as an £18k + 1-year experience employee right away. If that’s the hire you need an apprentice isn’t for you.

Think forward: in 12 months you have an apprentice who has (almost) graduated and they’re worth much more to your organisation and probably not quite earning the going rate for their skills, they know your systems and your customers. You have a committed employee, trained for skills and they represent the future of your team. If your apprentice has passion and determination we will train the skills.


Our training centres are in the Liverpool, Manchester and the North West. From a business perspective, we’re not a “national provider” but we’re happy about that because learners and employers know the quality and dedication we give and we’re never far away from you. Sure we don’t deliver much training to the largest nation employers with offices in every UK city, but does this mean our apprentices are inferior? Haha, not a chance. The focus we have on their own backyards, their schools and the local employers we support means we’ll bring you the best local talent reliably and consistently and if you’re a proven IT apprentice employer who offers excellent opportunities and progression and we’ve already experienced successes, you’ll see the best talent first irrespective of your size and marketing budget.


No problem, especially if you’re one of the big boys too. As we said above we can’t fill your roles in Birmingham or London, we’re just not there, so if you are then we’re not for you.

But if you’re in the Northwest think about this; all Apprenticeship providers are adhering to the strict guidelines set out by the Education and Skills Funding Agency and Ofsted. We all have to surpass the required quality and success standards and delivery quality or we’re not going to be in business long. So what differentiates us? Well, you already know we’re geeky and into our IT stuff. You know 92% of our apprentices complete and you know we’re local so what’s the difference? Well, we have a process that connects apprentices who want to be in IT with employers, who appreciate what it takes to manage and develop the next generation of talent. It’s our recipe for successful outcomes.

If your current supplier isn’t delivering IT talent you need, or you feel like you’re not seeing the very best local learners, then why not give us a call?


We take our roles and the welfare of our apprentices seriously. We want to work with employers who are fair and appreciate where a young person is in their career.

If you interview an apprentice please make a decision and let them know either way as quick as you can.

Many times it is someone’s first interview, please be patient. The more relaxed they are the more chance you have of successful experience.

We’re good at this and we look forward to showing you why.