Apprenticeship Levy Funds

Are you gaining the most out of your Apprenticeship Levy funds?

NowSkills has been making sure that companies across the North West have been gaining the most out of their apprenticeship levy funds, by working with businesses and delivering high quality and high standard IT apprenticeship programs.

We understate it could be a hassle dealing with funds, hence why NowSkills is ready to help you every step of the way! We make sure that your apprenticeship funds benefit and support young learners to kick start their careers. NowSkills does all for this for you and it won’t cost you anything!

How can you gain the most out of your apprenticeship levy funds?

Your Apprenticeship funds can only be used for apprenticeships that are approved for delivery by the Department for Education.  NowSkills ensures that your funds are correctly spent, as a result, we only offer approved apprenticeship programs that your apprenticeship Levy funds can be used for.

What can I not spend my apprenticeship Levy funds on?

The funding rules for apprenticeship are clear and your apprenticeship levy funds are specifically designed to pay for new skills for apprentices. Although many may consider additional costs besides training part of the Apprenticeship, however, there is a selection of things in which the funds cannot be spent on.

These include the following:


Travel and subsidiary costs


Work placement programs

Administration of your internal apprenticeship program

Statutory licenses to practice

The costs of setting up an Apprenticeship program


NowSkills: a commitment to quality!

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In order to find out how your levy funds are calculated, just click here!

To make it easier for you, we’ve already set up a system that calculates your full funding.

Also, here’s a full guide explaining how levy speeds are calculated.


Finally, for the latest rules on funding or if you have questions, please contact us