Enrol Your Employees


Already have employees in mind that have great potential to progress within your business with the support and guidance of an Apprenticeship? We can enrol your existing employees onto a suitable IT apprenticeship programme. You’ll experience all the same benefits as for a new hire, but be aware that existing employees will also be required to commit to 20% of the time as off the job training.

The benefits of enrolling your employees

  • If you are considering an employee to be an Apprentice, you are already aware of their commitment, personality and trustworthiness. Although we have a 92% completion/success rate, knowing how reliable and committed your employees are is a huge time saver and reduces any risks faced by other employers taking on a new member of staff.
  • Time is saved on finding an Apprentice, interviews, and other steps we take before placing an Apprentice into your business.

  • The employee is already familiar with the company, its targets and the way it is run.

  • We have a range of Apprenticeship Standards available, these may be fully or partially funded by the government depending on the age of your employee/Apprentice. These courses will go up to Level 4. Although these courses will be 15 months,  your employee/Apprentice will complete the course with a high level of training and knowledge.

  • If your employee is aged 16-18, there is also a possible top-up Additional Payment of £1,000 paid to you from the government to support your business with the Apprenticeship.

At NowSkills, we are committed to out IT Apprenticeship programmes. We are regulated by ESFA, Pearson and Ofsted, therefore, you can expect a serious, professional approach. Some of our courses also offer additional qualifications such as MTA and CompTIA which are highly credited within the IT industry.

All of our trainers and tutors are vendor certified and bring with them years of experience within different sectors in the IT industry. You can guarantee your employee/Apprentice will receive high-quality training and guidance.

If you’d like to discuss enrolling your employee on a NowSkills Apprenticeship programme, or fill out our employer call back request form. You will be contacted by a member of our admissions team for a free, no-obligation discussion.