GCSE Results Day 2019


It’s only days until it’s GCSE results day 2019, where Year 11 students across the country receive their GCSE results. The NowSkills team have our fingers crossed and hope you get the grades you’re hoping for!

We understand that GCSE results day 2019 will be an extremely daunting day for young people. When thinking about what to do next, you must think about your options carefully. There are several different paths available to you such as going to Sixth Form, College or completing an Apprenticeship.

Whether you decided to do A-Levels or a BTEC course, going to College or Sixth form, we will help you to develop your theoretical knowledge in subjects of your choice. This is a brilliant opportunity because you can gather knowledge of different industries. However, unlike an Apprenticeship, you won’t be able to gain any experience, as college is classroom based and there are no opportunities for you to work in a real working environment.

If you already have an idea of the role you’d like to go into, you’re already one step ahead! No matter if you get A’s, B’s or C’s in your GCSE results, an Apprenticeship pathway is a brilliant way to kick-start your career in IT.

IT Apprenticeships!

Starting an apprenticeship after finishing your GCSEs can put you in an excellent position. An Apprenticeship will enable you to develop your skill-set and you’ll receive a salary at the same time which is something you can’t get through going to college unless you give up your time to work a weekend job.

Not only that but an Apprenticeship will help you to strengthen your CV. It’s no secret that employers want to find employees with work experience. Doing an Apprenticeship will help you to gain real-world work experience and gain industry-recognized qualifications!

You might be thinking, what qualifications do you get with an Apprenticeship? A Level 3 Apprenticeship is equivalent to A-levels and you can still go to university after completing an Apprenticeship!

Or maybe you don’t want to go to university and want to start working right away? Great! An Apprenticeship will help you develop your skills for a real job and there’s even a chance your employer will hire you at the end of your Apprenticeship. Did you know over 90% of Apprentices stay in employment after their Apprenticeship course and 67% of Apprentices stay with the same employer.

Overall, An Apprenticeship is a great way to get your foot into the working world and develop your skills, and college can also be a good opportunity if you’re unsure on what specific career role you want to take and to develop your theoretical skills.

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