Information Communication Technician

Level 3 Apprenticeship

Information Communication Technician

with Microsoft Azure

Searching for an ICT apprenticeship that gives you more? If you like problem-solving, troubleshooting and configuring computer systems, the Information Communications Technician apprenticeship could be for you.

Level 4 Data Analyst with Powe BI (15)
Level 4 Data Analyst with Powe BI 12

Physical classroom workshop & live virtual blended Digital Marketing learning modules included

Level 4 Data Analyst with Powe BI 16


  • Safeguarding & Prevent Duty awareness
  • Health, Safety & Wellbeing in the workplace 
  • Team roles & motivation 
  • Communication skills 
  • Business etiquette 
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion 
  • British Values 
  • Mental health & personal resilience 
  • Developing your own professionalism

Digital Business

Job Roles in the IT sector

PC Hardware components

Software including Operating Systems, utilities, and productivity software

The Internet and how it works compared to Web technologies and how they work

The concepts of Web 2.0. Crowdsourcing, collective intelligence

Social networking platforms and how they can be a business tool

Peer to peer networks and the Client/Server model and how they work

Cloud Technologies

Cloud terminology and terms plus the usage and benefits of the different Cloud models

The concepts of load balancing, failover and redundancy

Connectivity in the Cloud and the Cloud access portal

Importance of Virtualisation

Technology in the Cloud

Network Technologies

The basic network structures such as the LAN, the WAN and the MAN

The network protocols IP v4 and IP V6

The characteristics of different network cables including co-axial, twisted pair and fibre

The physical network topologies

The function of networking devices

Server Technologies

Windows Server Editions and the minimum system requirements

Server roles including Domain Controllers and using Server Manager to deploy them

Install and configure Printers in the Domain and understand the printing process Server

Maintenance and Automatic deployment of updates using WSUS

Interested in this Digital Marketing apprenticeship? 

Microsoft Azure for Information Communication Technician

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an in-demand innovation that can help supercharge your digital marketing and carries out tasks better, or more quickly than humans. From a strategic viewpoint AI can make marketing strategy more efficient by targeting the right customers in the right way. In terms of content creation, AI can create written and image content that converts, with text drawn from a networked analytics web. If you’re using Influencers, AI can help you identify who might match you brand, and AI can be sued to identify customer at risk of being lost, lapsed or potential new prospects.

The NowSkills Digital Marketer apprenticeship explores the possibilities of AI for a digital marketer, with hands on introductions to leading AI platforms and user cases that can make a real-world impact with their employers. Digital Marketing and AI is evolving, this NowSkills course will help an apprentice to kick start their relationship with AI.

Flexible, blended learning

Employer-led and flexible, with no two apprenticeship journeys ever the same. We blend the best live online and physical classroom teaching experiences supported with the latest self-paced e-learning. Our monthly 1:1 teaching sessions are flexible, delivered live online or in person, depending on what your organisation needs.

We include additional Social Enrichment Sessions and celebrated monthly speakers join us monthly in our Expert Series. Your apprentices also have the opportunity to achieve industry recognised certifications, beyond the scope of the apprenticeship.

The NowSkills Flexible, blended learning model

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Becoming an Information Communications Technician (ICT) apprentice is ideal for anyone who enjoys testing infrastructure components and providing IT support.

If you like problem-solving, troubleshooting and configuring computer systems, the Information Communications Technician apprenticeship could be for you. As an Information Communications Technician, you can choose one of two speciality routes, Network Technician or Support Technician.

The pathway you chose to follow depends on your interests and career aspirations. The roles you might expect to be applying for after your 12-15 month Information Communications Technician apprenticeship are Cloud Technician, Help desk support, Network field operative and many others. 

Technical skills and knowledge you will gain

  • Installing and configuring suitable software and hardware, such as mobile apps, printers, projectors, scanners, and cameras, as needed.
  • Prioritising IT issues in response to client service level agreements.
  • Assigning security access needs and permissions to stakeholders, escalating as needed for password resets, for example.
  • Assisting in the implementation of upgrades, new systems, or applications.
  • Completing jobs using coaxial, copper, fibre, or remote cabling.
  • Organising and managing mobile devices on a network.
  • Delivering network tasks with a focus on security in order to mitigate and protect against security threats.
  • Installing required software as well as real or virtual hardware, such as network devices, switches, and routers, as needed.

Entry requirements

  • Entry requirements vary depending on the employer’s requirements.
  • – The right to work in the UK
  • – Lived in the UK continuously for the past 3 years
  • – Grades A*-C  (9-4 equivalent) in English and mathematics
  • – A science or technology qualification is desirable but not essential
  • – Or a relevant Level 2 Apprenticeship advantageous, but not required


Before an apprentice can reach the threshold for the gateway phase, apprentices must have successfully achieved the following exams:

  • City & Guilds Level 3 Award in the Principles of Coding
  • CIW Internet Business Associate
  • City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Digital Marketing Business Principles

What qualifications will you gain?

  • – Level 3 Information Communications Technician Apprenticeship, awarded by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education
  • – NowSkills can provide support for apprentices who would like to qualify for CompTiA A+, AWS Cloud practitioner, and Azure fundamentals.

Our accreditation partners:

Potential future roles as a Information Communication Technician

Tutor 1:1s

These take place monthly, either at the workplace or live online with the tutor. The will involve:

  • Coaching sessions, in areas of training need agreed with the tutor
  • Professional Development Reviews (PDRs), which employers must partake in. These allow for a meaningful discussion between all 3x parties about the apprentice’s achievements, areas for improvement and progress made to date
  • Updating of the Professional Development Plan (POP)
  • Provision of ongoing careers education, information, advice & guidance
  • Feedback on an apprentice’s work
  • English, maths, and wider digital skills development
  • Support in understanding and applying: safeguarding; fundamental British values; health, safety, & wellbeing; and equality, diversity, and inclusion

In addition to tutor 1:1s, all apprentices and employers must also partake in a monthly Professional Development Review (PDR): 

  • A meaningful discussion about the apprentice’s achievements 
  • Identifying areas for improvements, and agreeing a consequent target plan 
  • Looking at progress made to date 

Ongoing professional development

 Apprentices will be guided by a NowSkills tutor and their workplace mentor, throughout the duration of the Information Communications Technician apprenticeship. For a level 3 apprentice this must equate to 1/2 a working day for every week they aren’t attending training in centre, and will likely consist of:

Mentoring sessions with the nominated employer mentor                                   

Training in the workplace, relevant to the standard

Producing/collating evidence for the apprentice’s summative portfolio

Work shadowing 

Industry visits

Attendance at competitions

Online learning

Studying or researching

Gateway to EPA

This is the period in which the apprentice crosses the threshold phase, from learning and formative assessments to the end-point assessment phase. This decision will be made by the employer, training provider, and apprentice based on the apprentice’s progress. To move onto the end-point assessment phase, it is essential to have passed all the knowledge modules and/or vendor or qualifications or professional qualifications and to provide a portfolio of work.