ICT Apprenticeships

ICT Apprenticeships

ICT Apprenticeships

What are ICT Apprenticeships?

ICT Apprenticeships, also known as IT Apprenticeship or Digital Apprenticeship, is exactly what the name suggests. It is an apprenticeship which specialises in ICT, so all areas of IT. This could include coding, networking, online marketing, etc…

The Digital sector has been growing quite fast and so has the IT Apprenticeship industry, as many more doors and opportunities are opening up for apprentices who are in the ICT Apprenticeship sector.

NowSkills is an ICT Apprenticeship specialist training provider. We only specialise in digital apprenticeships such as Digital Marketing, Infrastructure Technician, Software Development, etc…

Qualification levels for apprenticeships

Nowskills offers level 3 and 4 apprenticeships. Below are the detail entailing what the apprenticeship qualification re equivalent to.

Level Description Academic
1 Ideal if you’re just starting out or are new to the subject area. This level covers routine tasks and basic knowledge. GCSE grades D – G
2 You need to have some knowledge or experience in the area. GCSE grades A* – C
3 Covers more complex work and also will help you develop your supervisory skills. A-Level
4 Most likely you’ll have management experience by this point. Undergraduate, Foundation Degree
5 Most likely you’ll have management experience by this point. Undergraduate, Foundation Degree

What is the difference between apprenticeships and A-levels?

Apprenticeship and college/sixth forms are alternatives to each other. However, through apprenticeships, you gain the same qualifications as you would in college/sixth form.

The only difference is that on an apprenticeship, you will receive additional qualifications, gain more valuable work experience, earn money and have a head start in moving up the ladder in the IT industry! You can get all of this than just going to college and gaining a few qualifications.

Hence why ICT apprenticeships are a great or sometimes even a better alternative!