Make the most of the incentive payment for hiring an apprentice


Receive a £3,000 incentive payment

Until the 30th of September 2021, employers can now receive a £3,000 incentive for hiring an apprentice. This is regardless of the apprentice’s age. This is in addition to the £1,000 payment for hiring apprentices between 16-18. Employers could receive £4,000.

Benefits of hiring an apprentice

Apprenticeships have a positive impact on society, the economy and organisations. Employers can use apprenticeships to recruit a new apprentice or upskill a current employee. The benefits of hiring an apprentice include:

  • Increasing business productivity
  • Developing important skills and overcoming key skills shortages
  • Improving the quality of your service or product
  • Growing your workforce
  • Adapting the training to suit business needs

Apprenticeships play an integral part in the developing digital landscape

There is a growing need to promote apprenticeships as an alternative career route for young people and for employers to understand the benefits apprentices can bring to their organisations. Removing the stigma attached to apprenticeships and promoting their significance will help encourage more apprenticeship starts. 

The Skills Bill, which is currently going through parliament defines proposals to develop the current post-16 skills systems. Apprenticeships are integral in these reforms to the skills system.

Apprenticeships need to provide tangible value to apprentices and their employers and deliver high-quality training. Ofqual aims to ensure that apprenticeships are respected by employers, apprentices and their parents.

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