Not eligible

Unfortunately, you are not eligible for funding at this time

Apprenticeships are funded by the UK Government, and to qualify, applicants must have eligible grades and eligible residency status. These rules are set by the UK Government and apply to all apprentices, and NowSkills.

Do you believe you are eligible?

If you feel we have made a mistake, or you have qualification from overseas, please email our Resourcing Team at – please include detail of when you applied, and why you believe your are eligible. If you have certificates, then we may ask to see these.


If you feel you’re not ready for an apprenticeship yet, you might like to apply for a Traineeship. NowSkills do not offer Traineeships, but you can learn more about them and Apply here

National Careers Helpline 

Call the National Careers Service helpline for information and advice about jobs, careers and training if you’re 13 or older in England:

0800 100 900

Further advice and guidance for education and training for work follow this link to the range of options available to you on the website – Click here