About Us


NowSkills are an experienced and dedicated geeky team who are trained to find and fill IT Apprenticeships with young learners within the North West of England. We work with some of the Uk’s leading IT Apprenticeships employers and we are proud of our 94%* success rate. We work as closely with our employers as we do with our apprentices to create successful outcomes for all.

*forecast Aug 17 – July 18


The NowSkills team consists of trainers, tutors and learning support staff, and those who have met our team will know how much time we spend dedicated to high-quality service and IT Apprenticeships training delivery. We take our Apprentices’ learning and career progression seriously and want to give our learners the very best support as they embark upon their IT careers. Our goal is to not only place young learners into IT Apprenticeships but to help them enjoy their time on the course. Our tutors work hard to stay in contact, visit and develop our learners and support them through their IT Apprenticeship. Working together, every member of the NowSkills team make it their goal to create a positive learning experience for Apprentices and deliver high quality, value-added training for employers.


Our team of trainers and assessors are fully qualified with many years of experience within the IT industry. This not only means high quality, industry-standard training can be expected, but having built up their way in the IT industry themselves, our trainers can relate to our young learners. Our team will help to prepare our IT Apprentices for progression in an advanced and in-demand industry.

Our IT Apprenticeships require 6 weeks of classroom-based training. This will be located in one of our training venues in either in Manchester or Liverpool. For IT Apprentices, you will be very glad to know it will not be like classes back at school! Our IT Apprenticeships aim to be exciting, and visiting the cities can be very fun. With our centres being located in the centre, there are many things for our young learners to see and do. Check out our city guides to find out what you can do!


We love nothing more than a success story. This is why we are so passionate about ensuring that we are there to provide advice and guidance to both employers and Apprentices. Our team consists of members who have had many years of experience within the IT industry themselves. Therefore they are fully aware of what to expect whilst working within an IT role. Alos, ensuring the most accurate advice is provided. All of our staff members are fully trained and aware of our safeguarding policy. This is to ensure that they are all aware of their legal responsibilities and that we can be confident that we take every precaution to place young learners in a safe and comfortable work environment. We also have an Equality & Diversity (E&D) Policy, that all of our staff must legally comply with. Our main aim is to enable every one of our young learners to equally gain the best experiences, training and opportunities.


NowSkills are a training provider who specialises in helping young learners and employees to set-up Apprenticeships. We currently offer training in level 3 courses in IT Systems and Networks, Digital Marketing and Web and Software Development, and level 4 standards will be coming soon, offering courses such as Cyber Intrusion Analyst, Network Engineer and Software Developer. These level 4 standards award young learners with qualifications equivalent to university foundation level. Some of our current standards also offer optional additional qualifications such as CompTIA and MTA. Also, these qualifications are highly recognised and desired within the IT industry. Before accepting an Apprenticeship, we will speak to the employers and complete a site visit. We will also screen young learners before putting them forward for an Apprenticeship. This so we get to know them and find which Apprenticeship they are most suitable for considering their hobbies, interests and skills. This is how we have achieved a Trustpilot score of 9.6/10 that we are very proud of. NowSkills can be trusted!


Just like our employers and Apprentices, we are based in the North West of England. Not only has this familiarised us with transport links and areas, but it has also allowed us to build relationships with some leading employers! As we are based in the North West, it allows us to place young learners in easily reachable businesses. Furthermore, this is beneficial for both employers and Apprentices as attendance and punctuality should not be an issue!

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