Equality & Diversity


NowSkills take our Equality & Diversity (E&D) Policy very seriously. We take the time to ensure every member is fully aware of the policies.

At NowSkills, we expect everyone to treat everyone fairly. We don’t treat everyone as the same. We believe in being committed and understanding people’s differences in order to ensure that these needs are met to ensure that equal opportunities are available to everyone.

NowSkills recognises its legal responsibilities within Equality & Diversity and is committed to:

  • Positive action to promote equality of opportunity in all employment and training
  • Monitoring of the above commitment to recognise access to training
  • Positive action to recognise the important cultural diversities and related differences that exist within modern society
  • Personal development of all staff and Apprentices

All staff and associates, candidates and applicants will be given equal opportunity in respect of recruitment, in training, and in remuneration and promotion irrespective of their racial origins, sex, disability, marital status, religious beliefs, social backgrounds, sexual orientation or gender reassignment.

Disciplinary action will take place. Additionally, this also includes any discrimination made whether to an employer, Apprentice, public or any members of our staff.


Alongside our Equality & Diversity policy, we also implement a safeguarding policy. The safety of our young learners are the most important aspect of the process. To ensure we take high levels of precaution, before accepting any Apprenticeship roles to advertise to Apprentices, a member of our team will visit the location and also meet the staff.

We have zero tolerance for any threats. This could include obvious harm such as bullying and also emotional abuse, or less obvious such as stress and poor work-life balance. Fortunately, it is very rare that this happens. However, NowSkills are fully aware of the risks. We are also willing to take every step to try to prevent these from occurring.

We are confident that our young learners and employees understand that our tutors can be confided in with any problems. Although many times discussion remain confidential, in the rare case the issue cannot be resolved with the tutor, and there also may be risks to anyone’s well-being, the tutors may need to report the situation to a higher service who can deal with the problem better such as the police.

If you would like further details of our safeguarding policy, check out our safeguarding page.

We are aware that many of you reading about our policies will be parents, with sons/daughters considering Apprenticeship. How will NowSkills help if need? If you’re a parent/carer and would like to find out more about how our Apprenticeships work, check out our page ‘INFORMATION FOR PARENTS, GUARDIANS AND CARERS’. 

If you require more information on Equality & Diversity a full copy of our policy is available by speaking with your Tutor or Assessor or contacting Daniel Wells, Operations Director, dwells@nowskills.co.uk 

For any further enquiries, contact us.