Software Developer Level 4

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Software Developer

Level 4 Apprenticeship

Searching for a Software Developer  apprenticeship that gives you more? If you want to work with PCs,  software components, build software, problem-solve, programme and implement code then the Software Developer apprenticeship could be for you.

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Software Development Technician tools cloud
Software Development Technician tools cloud

Blended learning Software Developer workshop modules included:

Month 1 1500 × 1080px

Java or C# or Python Fundamentals

Duration: 4 Days

Explore broad range features found in Java/C#/Python and their applications, methods, and classes.

Understand the syntax

Understand various operators within Java/C#/Python.

Practise writing and testing simple Java/Python/C# programs.

Control program flow with conditional logic and loops.


Duration: 4 Days

Create Java applications that leverage features of the Java language

Create applications that use the Java Collections framework

Search and filter collections using Lambda Expressions

Implement error-handling techniques 

Implement input/output (I/O) functionality/ read from and write to data and text files

Perform multiple operations on database tables

Creating, reading, updating and deleting using JDBC

Apply modular programming practices and services to applications

Test Driven Development with Junit



Duration: 4 Days

Understand object orientation concepts, inheritance, polymorphism and abstract classes.

Understand interfaces and their role in the framework.

Creating and Implementing Class Hierarchies

Asynchronous programming and threading

Data validation and working with data collections including LINQ

Handling errors and exceptions

Lambda Expressions

Working with Data

Working with Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

Input Validation, Debugging, and Instrumentation

Agile for Software Developers

Duration: 4 Days

Agile frameworks and tools

An introduction to Scrum Framework

Scrum Events and Artifects

Team Values and culture

Team roles in Agile – Scrum Master, Product Owner, Team

Team communication and team size

Structure of Agile projects

Building understanding through User Stories

Estimating tasks and effort

System Development & Testing

Duration: 4 Days

Understand systems development lifecycles.

Understand requirements engineering.

Understand systems design, systems modelling and specification techniques.

Understand how systems development applies within software development environment

Understand fundamental concepts of software testing.

1) Data Modelling and SQL and NoSQL

Duration: 4 Days

Apply queries in SQL to create, read, update and delete data in a database.

Apply the concepts of entity integrity constraint and referential integrity constraint 

Sketch conceptual data models (including ER) to describe a database structure.

Apply SQL to create a relational database schema 

Apply stored procedures, functions, and triggers using a commercial relational DBMS.

2) Data Modelling and SQL and NoSQL

Duration: 4 Days

Data retrieval concepts, including sorting, filtering, multi-table join & sub-queries

Understand concurrency control & how it is affected by isolation.

The difference between NoSQL and the traditional Relational Database Management System or RDBMS databases.

A detailed introduction of MongoDB as a document database & how CRUD operations are performed

Detailed steps for installing MongoDB in different operating systems and performing various function.

Web Development with JavaScript

Duration: 4 Days

Fundamental coding principles using JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Understand how the web works and the roles of Html, cascading style sheets (CSS) and JavaScript.

Modern JavaScript UI libraries – React.js

Server-side programming using Node.js and Express.js

Working with databases such as MySQL and MongoDB.

Interested in this Software Developer apprenticeship? 

Agile Project Management for Software Developers

The NowSkills Software Development apprenticeship scheme is designed with the Agile Methodology in mind. We’ve worked with employers and Software Developers to design and the apprenticeship that gives you more. Equipping your Software Development Technicians with the skills, knowledge and behaviors needed for successful outcomes. Agile methodologies and frameworks are based on adaptive planning, swiftness to change, empowering people, delivering iteratively and continuous improvements.


Flexible, blended learning

Employer-led and flexible, with no two apprenticeship journeys ever the same. We blend the best live online and physical classroom teaching experiences supported with the latest self-paced e-learning. Our monthly 1:1 teaching sessions are flexible, delivered live online or in person, depending on what your organisation needs.

We include additional Social Enrichment Sessions and celebrated speakers join us monthly in our Expert Series. Your apprentices also have the opportunity to achieve industry recognised certifications, beyond the scope of the apprenticeship.

Software Developer flexible learning

More course details

Becoming an apprentice software developer is ideal for anyone who enjoys building and testing high-quality code across front-end, logic and database layers. If you like interpreting design documentation and working as part of a team, then the Software Developer apprenticeship could be for you. If you choose a career in software the roles you could expect to be applying for after your 15-18 month course are: Web Developer, Mobile App Developer, Games Developer, Software Engineer and many others.

Technical skills and knowledge you will gain

  • Logic: You will gain logical skills to write high-quality, maintainable code in at least one programming language and master syntax to craft industry-standard code effectively that is driven by logical thinking.
  • User interface: You will develop effective user interfaces for at least one channel, and conduct user research to create software that provides tangible user benefits.
  • Data: During your apprenticeship, you will gain essential data skills to establish seamless code-database/data set connections.
  • Test: You will gain comprehensive testing skills to validate the quality of your solutions and utilise testing techniques for optimal code coverage, employing V-model manual testing and unit testing.
  • Problem-solving: You will be able to apply structured techniques to problem-solving, enabling you to debug code and understand the structure of programmes to identify and resolve issues.
  • Design: You will learn to create simple data models and software designs to effectively communicate understanding of the program, following best practices and standards.
  • Analysis: You will learn to create basic analysis artefacts like use cases and user stories to document and communicate functionality.
  • Deployment: You will gain the ability to understand, utilize, and deploy code into enterprise environments. Moreover, you will actively contribute to the successful delivery of one or more software deployment phases, ensuring seamless integration and efficient execution. environments
  • Development lifecycle: You will operate at all stages of the software development lifecycle, with increasing breadth and depth over time with an initial focus on build and test.
  • Paradigm-Based Approach: You will be able to effectively apply best practices based on the relevant paradigm, such as object-oriented, event-driven, or procedural, to achieve optimal results.
  • Guidelines: You will learn to interpret and follow:
    − software designs and functional/technical specifications
    − company defined ‘coding standards’ or industry good practice for coding
    − testing frameworks and methodologies
    − company, team or client approaches to continuous integration, version and source control
  • Business Responsiveness: You will learn to respond in a business context to issues related to software development as well as detect and report any impediments to software development activities.
  • Business Proficiency: You will learn to operate effectively in businesses, with a range of people and in the industry’s environments, identifying and resolving software development issues customer might have, and ensuring customer requirements are accurately reflected in the software products created.
  • Mathematical Proficiency: Can apply the maths required to be a software developer (e.g. algorithms, logic and data structures).

Entry requirements

  • Individual employers will set the selection criteria. It is likely to include:

    •  – Grades A*-C  (9-4 equivalent) in English and mathematics
    •  – a science or technology qualification is desirable but not essential
    •  – or a relevant Level 3 Apprenticeship
    •  – a qualification or part-qualification in a related area at a lower or the same level would be advantageous, but not required


  • Having a passion for IT will help Software Developer apprentices gain the most out of their apprenticeship programme.

What qualifications will I gain?

  •  – Level 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship, awarded by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education
  •  – City & Guilds Level 4 Software Development Methodologies

Optional certifications

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Our accreditation partners:

Potential future roles as a Software Developer apprentice:

Tutor 1:1s

These take place monthly, either at the workplace or live online with the tutor. The will involve:

  •  – Coaching sessions, in areas of training need agreed with the tutor
  •  – Professional Development Reviews (PDRs), which employers must partake in. These allow for a meaningful discussion between all 3x parties about the apprentice’s achievements, areas for improvement and progress made to date
  •  – Updating of the Professional Development Plan (POP)
  •  – Provision of ongoing careers education, information, advice & guidance
  •  – Feedback on an apprentice’s work
  •  – English, maths, and wider digital skills development
  •  – Support in understanding and applying: safeguarding; fundamental British values; health, safety, & wellbeing; and equality, diversity, and inclusion

In addition to tutor 1:1s, all apprentices and employers must also partake in a monthly Professional Development Review (PDR) which will include: 

 – A meaningful discussion about the apprentice’s achievements 

 – Identifying areas for improvements, and agreeing a consequent target plan

 – Looking at progress made to date 

Ongoing professional development

  • Apprentices will be guided by a NowSkills tutor and their workplace mentor, throughout the duration of the infrastructure technician apprenticeship. For a level 4 apprentice this must equate to 1/2 a working day for every week they aren’t attending training in centre, and will likely consist of:

    • – Mentoring sessions with the nominated employer mentor
    • Job training in the workplace, relevant with industry standard
    • – Producing/collating evidence for the apprentice’s summerative portfolio
    • – Real work experience shadowing a mentor
    • – Industry visits
    • – Attendance at competitions
    • – Online learning
    • – Studying or researching

Gateway to EPA

This is the period in which the decision is made whether the apprentice is ready to cross the threshold phase, from learning and formative assessments to the end-point assessment phase. This decision will be made by the employer, training provider, and apprentice, based on the apprentice’s progress. To move onto the end-point assessment phase, it is essential to have passed all the knowledge modules and/or vendor or qualifications or professional qualifications and to provide a portfolio of work.

Completion certificate

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At NowSkills, we are proud to be a leading apprenticeship training provider, specializing in Digital and Technology apprenticeships. Our software developer apprenticeship is designed to provide aspiring developers with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the ever-evolving tech industry. Throughout the program, apprentices have the unique opportunity to gain real work experience, working alongside industry professionals and mentors who guide them on their learning journey. The application process is straightforward and begins with filling out our application form – it only takes a second. Join us at NowSkills and embark on an apprenticeship that opens doors to a rewarding career in software development. Call us at 0345 556 4170 for more information.