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Digital Technology has changed businesses forever, and it’s imperative that you stay in the loop. NowSkills trains the next generation of IT professionals that are waiting to help you grow your Digital team. Get ahead of the rest in 2019 with your own Software Tester Apprentice.  

Why NowSkills is your preferred partner for Software Tester

Delivering quality Digital Apprenticeships since 2015

94% success rate with our Digital Apprentices (July 17 – Aug 18)

17 days average to fill new Digital Apprentice vacancies

We receive over 300 digital Apprentice applications each month

Supportive and Experienced Digital Apprenticeship tutors

Off the job training includes classroom and online learning

We have a direct ESFA Government contract to deliver our own funded and Levy Apprenticeships

We don’t resell anyone else’s Digital Apprenticeships

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How the Software Tester Apprenticeship is funded…
Employer size or payroll Apprentice age at enrolment  Employer Contribution costs  ESFA Funded Training costs  £1000 Additional Payment from ESFA 
Levy employer 16, 17 or 18 100% 0% Yes
Levy employer 19+ 100% 0% No
<50 employees and <£3m payroll 16, 17 or 18 0% 100% Yes
<50 employees and <£3m payroll 19+ 10% 90% No
>50 employees and non levy payers 16, 17 or 18 10% 90% Yes
>50 employees and non levy payers 19+ 10% 90% No


*Unsure about the Software Tester Apprenticeship funding and understanding whether you’re a Levy paying company or not? Get in contact with us or read more here.

Who can enrol on the Software Tester Apprenticeship?

Essentially, anyone can enrol on the Software Tester Apprenticeship as long as they have a C or above, or equivalent, in their English and Maths GCSE. If you’re an employer looking to enrol an existing member of your team onto the Software Tester Apprenticeship then send us a callback request here and we’ll be in contact as soon as possible.

What a Software Tester Apprentice will do for your business

Having a Software Tester Apprentice as part of your Digital team will benefit your business in many ways. Here are just a few ways in which a Software Tester Apprentice can help grow your business:

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Implements software testing procedures on software applications (including desktop, web, mobile, embedded, mainframe) to ensure agreed errors and security issues are identified, recorded, prioritised and corrected before release.

Reviews software requirements and specifications for software functionality and security, and defines comprehensive tests and conditions.

Also, designs simple test strategies for non-complex projects.

Analyses test requirements and designs and also prepares a test plan.

Also, designs and builds test cases, test scripts, and test procedures, with expected results.

Develops and collects representative and realistic test data.

Conducts a range of different software testing types (including Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Functional and NonFunctional Testing, System Testing, Stress Testing, Performance Testing, Usability Testing, Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing and also Exploratory Testing); interpreting and executing sets of moderately complex test scripts using agreed methods and standards.

Accurately records the outcomes of test activities and maintains accurate test records and reports.

Also, assesses test results against expected results and also acceptance criteria and through traceability to requirements.

Operates the organisation’s software testing tools effectively and follows procedures and techniques correctly.

Presents and communicates results effectively using appropriate communication styles and media.

Also, complies with relevant legislation and also internal/external standards related to software testing and software security.

completes allocated tasks in accordance with the organisation’s reporting and also quality systems

Advises and supports others on testing processes and procedures.

Operates within service level agreements

Also, operates the organisation’s software testing tools effectively and follows procedures and techniques correctly

Assesses test results against expected results and acceptance criteria and also through traceability to requirements.

Accurately records the outcomes of test activities and maintains accurate test records and report

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Typical Job Roles for a Software Tester Apprentice:

Software Tester, Software Test Analyst

Entry Requirements:

Individual employers will set the selection criteria, but this is likely to include‘A’ levels, a level 3 apprenticeship or other relevant qualifications and also experience.Technical Competencies: the Software Tester Apprentice will be able to undertake the following responsibilities in line with organisational procedures and also where appropriate under supervision.

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