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  Level 4 Network Engineer and Level 3 Infrastructure Technician apprentices are high demand now more than ever as digital apprentices prove crucial for supporting organisations’ remote working strategies during the coronavirus pandemic. Infrastructure Technician & Network Engineering apprenticeships: In demand skills Our Infrastructure Technician and Network Engineering apprentices are demonstrating their value as they […]

“Lack of companies making use of their apprenticeship levy tax means companies are losing up to 401 million pounds nationally” What is the levy? A government tax was set up in 2015 and introduced in 2016. This was launched to allow businesses to have access to training funds. It is specifically used for training courses, […]

Whilst COVID-19 brings lots of uncertainty, we want to reassure you that our colleagues and our service levels, are both safe and prepared as we try to respond to the spread of the virus. Below you can find the steps we’re taking to maintain a safe and reliable service for you on an ongoing basis. […]

Software Development is an exceptionally intricate and expertise area of IT, for this reason here at NowSkills, we have put together the top 5  Software Developers tools, in order to reach the highest levels of potential you and your business have. Software Development is the process of activities that lead to the creation, design and […]

This year, the National Apprenticeship Services theme is ‘Look Beyond’. It is celebrating the values and diversity apprenticeship brings to apprentices, employers and communities across England.   This year, we are calling out all the young people who chose to Look Beyond the traditional routes into employment and allowed themselves to explore the diversity of […]

Network analysis tools have a great impact on learning how businesses developed over time, as it gives an insight into how much it has developed over the years. It also points out all the responsible factors involved in the failure or development of the business. Network analysis tools are also on the rise to help […]

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools Digital Marketing Tools benefits everyone. Business is a tricky thing. There are so many aspects that one needs to learn. How to run a business, the customer base, operations logistics and a lot more. One of the prime factors is digital marketing. Digital is how one can describe the 21st […]

Work with NowSkills! Honestly speaking, there are probably more than 1,000 reasons why you should work with NowSkills, but we understand how tiring it could be to read paragraph after paragraph. Hence why we have kindly put together the top 10 reasons why you should work with NowSkills.     First and foremost, you should […]

What are ICT Apprenticeships? ICT Apprenticeships, also known as IT Apprenticeship or Digital Apprenticeship, is exactly what the name suggests. It is an apprenticeship which specialises in ICT, so all areas of IT. This could include coding, networking, online marketing, etc… The Digital sector has been growing quite fast and so has the IT Apprenticeship […]

Apprenticeship levy funds expire: Employers lost access to £96 million of their apprenticeship funds in the last two months! In June of 2019, employers have lost access to an overwhelming £26 million of their Apprenticeship Funds.  This is only an increasing number as in the last two months £96 million has gone unclaimed! Businesses who […]