Tips for applying for an apprenticeship


Tips for applying for an apprenticeship

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+ Tips for applying

+ What an apprenticeship is

+ Get help to write an apprenticeship application

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Are you looking for a way to learn new skills, gain work experience, and earn a qualification while getting paid? If so, an apprenticeship might be the ideal option for you.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a form of work-based learning that combines on-the-job training with classroom instruction. Apprentices work under the supervision of experienced professionals and receive a nationally recognised certificate or diploma upon completion.

Apprenticeships are available in a wide range of industries and occupations, at NowSkills we offer meaningful and rewarding careers in various fields, such as ICT, data analysis, digital marketing, and much more

But how do you apply for an apprenticeship and what are the steps involved?

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the application process and increase your chances of success:

Pay attention to the application

Many people apply for apprenticeship vacancies, so you need to make your application form stand out in a positive way. Before you send your application, check your writing carefully for any spelling or punctuation errors, as these could quickly make you look bad. A good tool to have is Grammarly – which is a free tool that can help ensure your writing is mistake-free 

Provide your contact information

Employers get frustrated when they receive a good application that does not have the right contact information. Make sure you put your phone number on every application.

Be honest

Apprenticeships are a great way to learn new things, but they also need you to have some skills already. Be truthful in your applications. Don’t apply for a vacancy that is too hard for you. Don’t worry – you will find something that suits you!

Show your value

Highlight your strengths in your application. What makes you different from others? Any relevant work experience. Explain why you are interested in the role, how you can add value to the company, and what transferable skills you have. Use the Careerpilot Skills Profile to identify your skills and have evidence for your applications. In the Skills Profile, you can also check the skills needed for a specific job, so you can mention relevant skills. Read the vacancy information carefully, so you can match your skills and experience to what they want.

Be careful about how you communicate

Think about how an employer might get in touch with you. If you give an email address, make sure it is just your name. Funny email addresses look unprofessional and will make your application look bad. Also, make sure your voicemail message is appropriate. If you have applied for a job, be ready to answer your phone, check messages and call back.

Get help to write an apprenticeship application

Follow this link to watch a short video on how to complete a NowSkills Apprenticeship application pack 

You can also visit the website to find out more about applying for an apprenticeship


  Written by Hannah Dobson

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