Top 5 software developer tools


Software Development is an exceptionally intricate and expertise area of IT, for this reason here at NowSkills, we have put together the top 5  Software Developers tools, in order to reach the highest levels of potential you and your business have.

Software Development is the process of activities that lead to the creation, design and deployment of software through a variety of possible programs. This is crucial in a digital society and job roles such as Programmers, Coders, Software Engineers and Software Developers are becoming increasingly important in everyday businesses.

Software Development requires individuals to stay focused, be determined and most importantly not to give up, even when the chaotic jumble of codes seems to get the better of them! Developers must always be able to adapt and learn in new skillsets and relevant areas. This is a direct result of the highly volatile nature of the industry and the ever-changing content and possibilities within it. Additionally, the industry is constantly undergoing drastic changes to keep up to date with how technology. Even the smallest of applications or web pages can seem easy-peasy on a first look, but underneath that is a whole complicated underworld of codes and IT skills.


Net Beans
play 4 First on the list is Net Beans, which is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). An IDE is a piece of software that increases coding productivity and consolidates different aspects of writing programs.
play 4  Net Beans is a free tool and allows users to develop applications in a faster and more logical way. The software ensures that completed coding is bug-free by using an automated system that checks for faults and errors. Net Beans also recognises multiple coding languages such as HTML. and Java.
play 4  Next is Atom, another free open-source text and open code editor software development tool. This software allows its users to create responsive and interactive web applications. Additionally, you can customize your experience with installing 3rd party packages and themes. Atom also uses context-aware auto-complete technology, ensuring codes are written in the correct format and run smoothly without faults.
play 4 Another incredibly important software development tool is GitHub. It is an open-source control system which in essence means it prevents small errors from becoming large problems. It stores file changes better than other software and tracks and manages them. You can see changes and revert to older or newer versions of coding files, without having to scroll through endless folders and documents.
play 4 Next is the program Linx. It allows its users to quickly and easily manipulate data and design applications and web services. The program is less code-based, preventing new developers to face have less of a sting when often faced with a complex web of complicated codes in other programs. The software aims to incorporate rapid integration and automation of business tasks to maximise productivity and efficiency.
play 4 Finally, we chose Buddy as one of our top 5 Software Developers Tools. The programs designed to build, test and display. Its advanced testing allows to validate and check changes made to scripts to ensure they function correctly and are stable.  It is extremely easy to start working with, because of the powerful GUI which lets you configure pipeline in minutes.

Hopefully, this list helped you get some ideas into programs available for software developers! For any further information, please contact us and find out more about our digital courses, in particular Software Development.

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