Careers events

Careers events

School and employer careers events

NowSkills can attend your school or place of work to talk to prospective apprentices about the benefits of digital apprenticeships.

School events

For schools, we can talk to prospective apprentices and parents about the differences between the apprenticeship standards that we offer and explain why the NowSkills apprenticeship, with its classroom-based instructor-led programmes, offer more quality learning and a higher probability of progression.


Employer events

For employers, we can come to your site and talk to prospective new apprentices in a group session or 1:1. We can also work with your training team to develop plans and bespoke programmes of delivery.
You may be a levy-paying employer and many of your colleagues are interested in beginning an apprenticeship.
However, after learning that there is a 20% off the job training requirement perhaps they are less keen to enrol. Or perhaps once we have understood their job role, we find that the apprenticeship standards we are offering don’t match the role.
Either way, as an employer working with NowSkills and we enrol your employees onto a digital apprenticeship programme you can be sure that we have used the same ethical integrity in enrolment and induction that you can expect throughout the apprenticeship. Our strong enrolment processes mean that your learners are more likely to complete and progress.
To find out more about how NowSkills can support your school or employer careers event please contact us