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Interview techniques and guides

NowSkills free interview techniques guides

NowSkills free interview techniques guides

Free interview technique guides

NowSkills has created a selection of free interview guides which discuss the best techniques to help you prepare for your apprenticeship interview.

View or download our useful guides with information on all interview topics including your body language, phone interviews, and what to wear.

The more you know before the interview the better your chance of success.

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Our Interview Technique guide

Anyone walking into an interview without completing the necessary preparation is almost certainly destined for failure. Preparation is key and will be the deciding factor when it comes to whether you impress the interviewers or not.

Our competency-based interviews guide

The most important thing to remember about competency-based questions is that your answers must be specific, about a real event that has happened to you personally. Prepare yourself with follow-up questions during the interview.

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Our Apprenticeship Expectation guide

Unsure about how your Apprenticeship Training works? Or maybe what your responsibilities will be in the workplace? This guide will explain how you can start your Apprenticeship in the best possible way!

Our Interview Dress Guide

Look your best! First impressions always count whether you’re going on a first date, going to a fancy restaurant, or attending an interview, the same standards apply! You should pay attention to what you wear.

Our Telephone Interviews guide

Surprise your employer! Research the facts and figures and tell them more about their company than they know themselves! You should know what they do, why they do it, and apply your experience to their business.

Our Body Language At Interviews guide

Neglecting the importance of body language during your interview is a big mistake! As it can largely affect the way that you are perceived by the employer during your interview. Get it wrong and you can come across as unconfident or too laid back

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