Off the job training

Off the job training

All apprenticeships must include off-the-job training

All apprenticeship must include 20% off the job training

What is off-the-job training?

This is a statutory requirement for our apprenticeships and is training received by the apprentice, during the apprentice’s normal working hours, for the purpose of achieving the knowledge, skills and behaviours of their apprenticeship standard.

The minimum number of off-the-job hours an apprentice must complete is 6. 

Off-the-job training is not on-the-job training which is training received by the apprentice from the employer that enables them to perform their work duties. Off-the-job training must specifically link to the knowledge, skills and behaviours set out in the apprenticeship.

What can be included in off-the-job training?

  • The teaching of theory: classroom training, 1:1 tutor sessions, role-playing, simulation exercises, online learning or manufacturer training.
  • Practical training: shadowing, mentoring, industry visits and participation in competitions, 
  • Assignments: Learning support and time spent writing assessments/assignments.
How can I check if the activity is off-the-job training?
If it is unclear whether an activity is off-the-job training, there is an easy way to check with four key tests: 

Is the person signed up for an official apprenticeship programme? 

Is the activity directly relevant to the digital apprenticeship?

Is the activity teaching new knowledge, skills and behaviours?  

Is the learning taking place during the apprentice’s normal working hours?  

If the answer to all four questions is ‘yes’ then the activity can be regarded as off-the-job training. The following graphic explains 


English and maths support is not off the job training

If your apprentice is studying for Functional Skills in Maths and English as part of their apprenticeship, then this DOES NOT count towards the off-the-job training requirement. Progress reviews and also assessments that form part of the apprenticeship DO NOT count toward the requirement.