Why apprentices choose NowSkills

Why apprentices choose NowSkills

NowSkills, delivering digital apprenticeships in

NowSkills delivers UK apprenticeships in

NowSkills will give you the digital skills and business behaviours to succeed:

We’ve been kick-starting the careers of hundreds of digital and IT apprentices since 2013, with many of our alumni now in senior leadership positions in the digital sector. Every apprentice success story started in the same way: registering online, taking the first step towards a meaningful and rewarding digital career.

Why choose NowSkills for your IT apprenticeship

Choosing the right apprenticeship organisation for your IT apprenticeship in the UK is an important choice. There are many colleges and independent providers all claiming to be your best option for you.

When deciding on which training organisation to choose to work with, there are questions you should ask that will be different depending on the apprenticeship organisation you will be signing up with. Remember, you’re potentially committing to a 15–24-month programme.

NowSkills’ apprenticeships are 100% official. NowSkills has a Department for Education contract (UKPRN10040775) to deliver official apprenticeships, so you’ll receive all the same government funding, impartial careers advice and guidance as you would from a college, and you won’t pay anything towards your IT apprenticeship.

We only deliver digital and IT apprenticeships

Digital apprenticeships to us aren’t just “another apprenticeship” we offer. Digital and IT apprenticeships are everything we do, so it makes sense that we want to lead in digital, constantly ensuring our IT apprenticeships are the best they can be.

Our training team are technical geeks with real industry experience and a passion for their specialisms, only working in their own field, for example, you won’t find our software developers teaching infrastructure or digital marketing training.

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Technology careers are more than just “IT”

Some apprenticeship training providers refer to anything involving a computer as “IT”, we don’t – we know the differences between Data, Development, Online marketing, Cybersecurity and many more – each of these technology areas has different career opportunities with different levels of pay, that’s why when we say we’re really specialists, we really are.

In the same way, these technology areas are different, so too are the people who work in them. The personalities and skills of high-level back-end developer are usually very different to those who excel in creative digital marketing; and an infrastructure professional needs a good problem-solving approach with communication skills – skills that are different to a data analyst, a professional who needs to enjoy considering and dissecting spreadsheet data.

At NowSkills, we have the breadth of courses and employment opportunities available to ensure you’re matched with a role that suits your personality and ambition. Our Career, advice and guidance begins with your first registration interview with us and is embedded throughout your apprenticeship.

Employers trust us with tech

An apprenticeship is a paid job, with 20% off the job training – employers pay your wages, they don’t receive a specific grant. Employers use the apprenticeship system to either upskill existing employees or recruit and upskill new hire apprentices.

If you’re already employed, it is relatively straightforward to enrol on an apprenticeship if your employer agrees. However, if you need an apprentice employer to support your apprenticeship, then NowSkills can help you.

NowSkills’ reputation for understanding digital is strong and well-earned. Employers know they’ll be introduced to apprentices who are work-ready, suitable for the job roles and who want to belong in the digital sector. Making this match is crucial for success and is overseen by our employer engagement team understanding the roles, understanding the apprentices and their personalities, creating success.

Employer led training

Once you’re enrolled on your apprenticeship, the focus is on your course, your progression and what you’re learning. This is where our tutors shine.

If you’re a NowSkills apprentice, chances are you’ll be working with an employer where your role is digital every day, so you’re going to be proficient and, on your way, to being a digital professional very quickly – it’s when you start immersing yourself in tech every day, your knowledge increases, and this is where the specialist tutor knowledge starts to matter.y

Stretching your knowledge

Your classroom learning, tutor 1:1s and mentor support must stretch your knowledge and offer you new substantial skills and behaviours – our training team are sector specialists who are selected for their deeper levels of knowledge, not broad and shallow knowledge; leading apprentice employers just won’t accept that.

Leading apprentice employers, from experience of working with us know that at NowSkills tutors have the depth passion and reputation to make their apprentices succeed. Each of our training team has been technically tested as part of our recruitment and selection process and we support our training teams with continuous skills development, and that’s why more leading employers come to NowSkills with new opportunities, opportunities we can pass on to you that will kickstart your digital career.