Data Analyst Apprenticeship

Data Analyst 

with PowerBI & Python

Level 4 Apprenticeship

Searching for a Data Analyst apprenticeship that gives you more? We’ve re-imagined our data analyst apprenticeship programmes, thinking bigger, and using the apprenticeship opportunity to deliver change. We have added new features, new team members, new tools, optional qualifications, and real-world insight.

Funding band – £15,000 | Duration – 20 months

This cost is paid by the employer, for SMEs there is up to 100% funding available. For Levy employers, you can find out more here. Apprentices will not contribute to this.

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We are proud to work with:

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Data Analyst Blended Learning Masterclass Modules:

As well as learning all of the above using leading VLE platforms, apprentices will attend a series of Masterclass modules, delivered live virtual by our expert tutor team.

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Interested in this Data Analyst apprenticeship? 

Power BI for Data Analysts

NowSkills Data Analyst apprentices will learn how to use Microsoft’s PowerBI: a data visualisation product with a focus on business intelligence. Apprentices will be able to analyse data, prepare reports, share insights and empower everyone in your organisation to quickly make data-driven decisions that drive strategic actions.

Power BI has a growing library of 500+ free connectors, including Dynamics 365, Azure SQL Database, Salesforce, Excel, and SharePoint.

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Flexible, blended learning:

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Employer-led and flexible, with no two apprenticeship journeys ever the same. We use a blended approach using the best live online and physical classroom teaching experiences supported with the latest self-paced e-learning. Our monthly 1:1 teaching sessions are flexible, delivered live online or in person, depending on what your organisation needs.

We include additional Social Enrichment Sessions and celebrated speakers join us monthly on NowSkills Insights. Your apprentices also have the opportunity to achieve industry recognised certifications, beyond the scope of the apprenticeship.

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More course details

This apprenticeship focuses on key tasks like gathering, inspecting, and modeling data. Participants will receive support to develop skills for success in a changing work environment. If you enjoy analysing and managing data, consider the Data Analyst apprenticeship. After completion, you can pursue roles such as Data Analyst, Data Manager, Data Scientist, and more.

Technical skills, knowledge and behaviours you will gain:

Our partners & accreditations:

Potential future roles as a Data Analyst apprentice:

Tutor 1:1s

These take place monthly, either at the workplace or live online with the tutor. 

+ Teaching delivery sessions, in areas of training need to be agreed upon with the tutor

+ Professional Development Reviews (PDRs), which employers must partake in

+ Updating of the Professional Development Plan (PDP)

+ Provision of ongoing career education, information, advice & guidance (CEIAG)

+ Feedback on an apprentice’s work from a skills coach 

+ English, maths, and wider digital relevant skills development

In addition to tutor 1:1s, all apprentices and employers must also partake in a monthly Professional Development Review (PDR): 

+ A meaningful discussion about the apprentice’s achievements 

+ Identifying areas for improvement, and agreeing on a consequent target plan 

+ Looking at progress made to date 

Support in understanding and applying:

+ Safeguarding; fundamental British values; health, safety, & wellbeing; and equality, diversity, and inclusion

Ongoing professional development


Apprentices will be guided by a NowSkills tutor and their workplace mentor throughout the Data Analyst apprenticeship. For a level 4 apprentice, this must equate to 20% of their working week they aren’t attending training in the centre and will likely consist of:

+ Mentoring sessions with the nominated suitable employer mentor

+ Training in the workplace, relevant to the standard

+ Producing/collating evidence for the apprentice’s summative portfolio

+ Work shadowing

+ Industry visits

+ Attendance at competitions

+ Online learning

+ Studying or researching and teaching delivery 

Gateway to EPA


This is the period in which the apprentice crosses the threshold phase, from learning and formative assessments to the end-point assessment phase. This decision will be made by the employer, training provider, and apprentice based on the apprentice’s progress. To move onto the end-point assessment process, it is essential to have all of the basic requirements, passed all the knowledge modules and/or vendor or qualifications or professional qualifications and to provide a portfolio of work.

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What will this apprenticeship cost me?
As an apprentice, this apprenticeship will cost you nothing, there are no student fees. As an employer, the apprenticeship can be fully fundable depending if you are a Levy or SME organisation.
How long does this apprenticeship last?
The Level 4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship has a duration of 15-18 months - by the end of this you will receive your qualification.
What happens at the end of the apprenticeship?
Once you have finished your apprenticeship, a lot of our employers are keen to progress into a permanent role, or you may choose to continue learning and enrol in a higher apprenticeship.
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