Customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

100% Satisfaction

How are we doing?

When you choose NowSkills, I want you to be 100% satisfied with your customer experience.

That satisfaction includes every aspect of your journey with us. Beginning with your initial conversations with our employer engagement teams, onboarding you as a new customer, your in-person or virtual learning experience, our administration team’s support and accuracy, through to your post-course evaluations.

” I want your NowSkills experience to be excellent, straightforward, and consistently reliable”

NowSkills is a complex service organisation, with hundreds of apprentices and employer partners, course dates and learning products, and we appreciate that no two customer journeys are ever the same.

“By listening to your feedback, I believe we can consistently improve, and our teams are continually trying to make our customer experience even better for you

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Route 1: How to feedback to us, or ask for support

For normal support questions, please use our Customer Support page here, your enquiry will be assigned to our support agents who will work to resolve your enquiry as speedily as possible. They are trained with the knowledge and answers you need.

Route 2: If you’re delighted or dissatisfied or have feedback you think I need to hear

Please use the form, and I’ll make it my business to investigate. Your form data will be directed to me, so if you have feedback about members of our teams, your learning experience, or any aspect of your customer journey, I’d like to hear from you.

Finally, thank you for choosing NowSkills. I am aware you have a choice when selecting a learning partner to work with, and when customers choose NowSkills, we appreciate it. By listening, responding and evolving our service, my team and I hope to build the kind of experience you will look forward to returning to again and again.

Mark Norse Managing Director 2