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Content Creator

with Artificial Intelligence

Level 3 Apprenticeship

Searching for a Content Creator apprenticeship that gives you more? Learn how to use the latest tools, including AI bots, all the leading social media platforms, marketing analytics, app integrations, SEO, content marketing, marketing campaigns lead generation and much, much more…

Funding band | £10,000

This cost is paid by the employer, for SMEs there is up to 100% funding available. For Levy employers, you can find out more here. Apprentices will not contribute to this.

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Exam Pass Insurance 1200 × 1200px 1 2
Exam Pass Insurance 1200 × 1200px 1 2

Content Creator masterclass workshop modules included:

Month 1 1500 × 1080px 11


Duration: 4 days

Safeguarding & Prevent Duty awareness

Health, Safety & Well-being in the workplace 

Team roles & Motivation 

Communication skills, tone of voice and styles of writing 

Business etiquette 

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion 

British Values 

Mental health & personal resilience 

Developing your own professionalism

Strategic Drivers

Duration: 4 days

The Creative media industry

Commercial pressures

Business Process

Strategic drivers


Laws, Regulations, and guidelines

The creative workflow

Project Management

Content collaboration

Content Marketing

Duration: 4 days

Content briefs

Understanding a clients needs

Budget management

Measuring success

Ideation, sourcing & storage

Audience & goals

Different stakeholders in a project

Channels and appropriate platforms

AI tools in Content Marketing

Creating powerful visual content

Videography Masterclass

Duration: 4 days

Video Marketing

Video codecs and formats

AI in Video Marketing

The AIDA model

Shot types and camera movement

Video equipment

Scriptwriting and production scheduling

Copyrighting and types of writing

Creating a broad range of compelling content

Storyboards and video

Web Development

Duration: 4 days

Wireframing AdobeXD and Figma

WordPress creation

On-page and off-page SEO

UI and UX

Using GA4 and Universal to measure campaigns

CMS platforms and hosting

Web accessibility, W3C and WAI

Proposing & Pitching

Duration: 4 days

Exploration of content briefs

Creating an elevator pitch

Identifying goals and objectives

Improving ideation & the creative process

Planning costs & budget allocation 

Best industry practices

Exploration of pitching ideas

Creative content publications, awards & opportunities

Creating proposals using BOSCARD

Commercial drivers 

Interested in this Content Creator apprenticeship? 

Artificial Intelligence for Content Creators

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an in-demand innovation that can help supercharge your Content Creation and carries out tasks better, or more quickly than humans. From a strategic viewpoint AI can make marketing strategy, project output, and social media content more efficient by targeting the right customers in the right way. In terms of content creation, AI can create written and image content that converts, with text drawn from a networked analytics web. If you’re using Influencers, AI can help you identify who might match your brand, and AI can be sued to identify customer at risk of being lost, lapsed or potential new prospects.

The NowSkills Content Creator apprenticeship explores the possibilities of AI for a Content Creator, with hands on introductions to leading AI platforms and user cases that can make a real-world impact with their employers. Marketing and content creation is evolving and AI is at the forefront of it, this NowSkills course will help an apprentice to kick start their relationship with AI.

Flexible, blended learning

Employer-led and flexible, with no two apprenticeship journeys ever the same. We blend the best live online and physical classroom teaching experiences supported with the latest self-paced e-learning. Our monthly 1:1 teaching sessions are flexible, delivered live online or in person, depending on what your organisation needs.

We include additional Social Enrichment Sessions and celebrated speakers join us monthly in our Expert Series. Your apprentices also have the opportunity to achieve industry recognised certifications, beyond the scope of the apprenticeship.

Content Creator flexible learning

More course details

Becoming a Content Creator apprentice is ideal for anyone who enjoys designing, creating campaigns, content production, content development creating audio and visual content, and using technology with a variety of platforms for a digital audience.

If you like being creative, working as part of a creative team and utilising digital tools, and quality content planning then the Content Creator apprenticeship could be for you.

Get in touch for your free apprenticeship brochure to find out more.

Throughout the apprenticeship, this fantastic opportunity will allow you to learn the skills, technical knowledge, attitudes, interpersonal skills, behaviors, and substantial opportunities to embark on a rewarding IT & digital career all whilst gaining valuable industry experience in key stages.

The roles you might expect to be applying for after your 12-15 month Content Creator apprenticeship are Content Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Content Manager, Digital Brand Executive, Creative Director, Content Creator and many more.

Technical skills and knowledge you will gain

Plan and develop creative quality content in line with the brief and budget/costs.

Interpret the strategy and objectives of the brand and align these to the content on time.

Research, prepare and develop the media messaging to maximise audience engagement.

Develop and create written content on time that can be used across a variety of media for future campaigns.

Create ideas for content visual and audio that can be used across a variety of media.

Store content securely and methodically to enable efficient access and retrieval and hit project deadlines.

Collaborate with colleagues and clients to plan and align content delivery with business objectives.

Use social platforms, and manage content online using appropriate tools, techniques, and communication styles.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the content produced against the original plan and recommend improvements.

Undertake continuous professional development to keep up-to-date with trends and technology.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements vary depending on the employer’s requirements.

Minimum 5 GCSEs with grades 9 to 4/A* to C, including English and maths.

Apprentices that don’t have GCSE English and maths at the required level undertake mandatory Functional Skills as part of the apprenticeship to achieve Level 2 prior to End Point Assessment – this is at the cost of the employer.


There are no exams in the Level 3 Content Creator apprenticeship programme, instead, you are assessed on a portfolio of evidence that you will produce over the duration of your apprenticeship. Following the first 12 months of the apprenticeship, apprentices will then enter the EPA phase where they undergo two further assessment component methods, you can read more on that here.

What qualifications will you gain?

Content Creator Level 3 (awarded by the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education)

Our accreditation partners:

Potential future job roles as a Content Creator apprentice:

Tutor 1:1s

These take place monthly, either at the workplace or live online with the tutor. 

  • Coaching sessions, in areas of training need agreed with the tutor
  • Professional Development Reviews (PDRs), which employers must partake in. These allow for a meaningful discussion between all 3x parties about the apprentice’s achievements, areas for improvement and progress made to date
  • Updating of the Professional Development Plan (POP)
  • Provision of ongoing careers education, information, advice & guidance
  • Feedback on an apprentice’s work
  • English, maths, and wider digital skills development
  • Support in understanding and applying: safeguarding; fundamental British values; health, safety, & wellbeing; and equality, diversity, and inclusion

In addition to tutor 1:1s, all apprentices and employers must also partake in a monthly Professional Development Review (PDR): 

  • A meaningful discussion about the apprentice’s achievements 
  • Identifying areas for improvements, practical training, and agreeing on a consequent target plan 
  • Looking at progress made to date 

Ongoing professional development

Apprentices will be guided by a NowSkills tutor and their workplace mentor throughout the duration of the Content Creator apprenticeship. For a level 3 apprentice, this must equate to 20% off-the-job training of the working week they aren’t attending training in the center, and will likely consist of:

  • Mentoring sessions with the nominated employer mentor
  • Training in the workplace, relevant to the standard
  • Producing/collating evidence for the apprentice’s summative
  • portfolio
  • Work shadowing
  • Industry visits
  • Attendance at competitions
  • Online learning
  • Studying or researching

Gateway to EPA

This is the period in which the apprentice crosses the threshold phase, from learning and formative assessments to the end-point assessment period. This decision will be made by the employer, training provider, and apprentice based on the apprentice’s progress. To move onto the end-point assessment phase, it is essential to have passed all the knowledge modules and be able to provide a portfolio of evidence.

During the EPA phase, apprentices will have 4 weeks to produce an evaluative report which is based on a project they have had significant involvement within the 6 months prior. As part of this apprenticeship curriculum apprentices will also produce a presentation to submit at the same time that builds upon the evaluative report. Two weeks later they will present this to an external assessor in a professional discussion who will then ask a series of questions, this full process’s typical duration lasts 30 minutes.

Completion certificate