How do we support levy paying employers

How do we support levy-paying employers?

Supporting Levy paying employers

Supporting Levy paying employers

Welcome, apprenticeship levy paying employers:

The needs of larger, levy paying employers are similar but different to SME non levy paying employers. Most levy paying employers already have a Digital Apprenticeship Service account and have already been paying 0.5% payroll contributions for some time. Many levy employers have dedicated apprenticeship leads, professionals who understand the way apprenticeships work, and how apprenticeships have evolved over the years.

Levy paying employers, having already experienced apprenticeship provision, re-visit the market for various, individual reasons. Often the reason to re-visit is dissatisfaction with their current provider or simply wanting to test alternative provision to check their incumbent supplier is as good as they believe.

As the apprenticeship sector continues to evolve, and with funding rules and new Apprenticeship Standards being released and updated, the market changes quickly.

At NowSkills, we have been delivering digital apprenticeships since 2013. Our experience of provision has been built upon and continuously improved with a focus on quality and the impact of our teaching and learning. Beginning as sub contractor, NowSkills nowadays has its own ESFA contract and has been inspected by Ofsted.

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We continue to invest in the quality of our teaching and learning with a training and recruitment strategy that recruits and develops industry professionals with proven technical skills who can stretch and challenge your learners, whilst at the same time supporting and inspiring them to develop engaging portfolios of work and valuable coaching prior their interview sand synoptic projects.

Our values include doing the right thing and the personal touch, and we really do care about the success of every one of our apprentices.

Ways we can support employers, with no added fees

  • + Provide impartial advice and updates on funding, incentive payments, ESFA, and Ofsted developments
  • + Collaborate with you you develop a challenging, relevant, and up-to-date curriculum. 
  • + Provide, screened, eligible motivated learners to apply to your digital vacancies
  • + Screen your existing employees and check their eligibility for enrollment
  • + Screen and eligibility check applicants who have applied to your own advertisements
  • + Visit your premises to present to teams and discuss apprenticeships
  • + Visit your premises and screen/eligibility check existing employees who are interested in apprenticeships
  • + Attend internal recruitment events and discuss apprenticeship with your employees
  • + Provide feedback on our success rates and provide references to similar employers 

We are proud to work with leading employers:

We’re here to support you

At NowSkills, we’re here to support employers. Please contact our Employer Engagement Team using one of the following methods:

Phone: 0345 556 4170 or complete our contact form here.