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Apprenticeships For School Leavers and University Graduates

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Unlocking Apprenticeships for All with Now Skills

Apprenticeships offer a unique and valuable pathway for individuals at different stages of their educational journey, including both school leavers and university graduates. Traditionally, apprenticeships were seen as a viable option for school leavers seeking immediate entry into the workforce, nowadays apprenticeships are open to anyone looking for career advancement. 

Apprenticeship Misconceptions

“Apprenticeships are only for school leavers”

Contrary to popular belief, apprenticeships are not solely reserved for secondary schoolers or college graduates. In fact, individuals of all ages including university graduates can take advantage of the invaluable experience presented by apprenticeships.

More an more people are catching onto graduate apprenticeship opportunities according to data from the Government’s Education Statistics, the number of starts in degree-level apprenticeships (levels 6 and 7) has increased to 43,200 in the academic year 2021/22. This represents 12.4% of all apprenticeship starts during that period (source: Government’s Education Statistics, 2022).

Comparatively, there was a growth of 10.3% from the previous year, highlighting the growing popularity and recognition of degree-level apprenticeships as a valuable pathway for individuals seeking both practical experience and higher education qualifications.

“Apprenticeships are only for trade jobs”

While apprenticeships are typically associated with trades like carpentry or plumbing, the landscape has expanded significantly. Nowadays, apprenticeships are available in various industries, including healthcare, finance, and technology. From software development to digital marketing apprenticeships apprenticeship training providers like Now Skills offer many programs to suit a wide range of career paths.

Whether you’re a school leaver ready to jumpstart your career or a university graduate looking to complement your academic knowledge, join s as we uncover the endless possibilities and benefits of apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships For School Leavers

For secondary school graduates, apprenticeships present a fantastic option that combines learning, hands-on experience, and earning a wage. Unlike traditional academic routes, apprenticeships offer a direct entry into the world of work, providing a valuable head start in building a rewarding career. Reasons why you should certainly consider apprenticeships as a potential career path are:

Accelerated Professional Growth

Apprenticeships often provide an environment that nurtures rapid skill development and professional growth. By immersing yourself in a work-based learning experience, you can quickly acquire practical expertise, setting you apart from your peers and propelling you forward in your chosen field.

Access to Niche Industries

Some apprenticeships are available in highly specialised or niche industries that may not be commonly known or explored by secondary school graduates. Securing an apprenticeship will open doors to unique career paths enabling you to become a pioneer in an emerging field, providing you with a competitive edge and distinctive opportunities not available elsewhere.

Cultural Exchange and Travel

Apprenticeships act as a gateway for cultural exchange and travel. Certain apprenticeships for school leavers may offer placements or rotations in different locations or even abroad. Capitalising on these opportunities to gain new experiences will ensure that you can immerse yourself in new cultures, broaden your perspectives, and gain a global mindset.

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Apprenticeships For College Leavers

Whether you graduate college or sixth form, apprenticeships are an excellent option if you are not interested in moving away from home for university. Combing the best of both worlds; apprenticeships for college leavers brings to the table practical experience and continued education without those pesky university fees.

While many graduates may consider pursuing a traditional university degree, apprenticeships offer an alternative path that allows for immediate entry into the workforce where you can gain valuable skills and qualifications. Here are some reasons you should apply for an apprenticeship as a college graduate. 

Practical Application of Theoretical Knowledge

Apprenticeships offer a unique opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge gained during college or A-level studies into practice. By engaging in hands-on work and real-world projects, you can bridge the gap between theory and application, gaining a deeper understanding of their field and enhancing their problem-solving skills.

Networking and Industry Connections

Apprenticeships often provide direct exposure to industry professionals and mentors who can become valuable contacts for your future career opportunities. As a graduate can build relationships with experienced individuals who can offer guidance, open doors to new opportunities, and serve as references or advocates in your professional journey.

Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Apprenticeships can also serve as a springboard for entrepreneurial endeavours. While working closely with industry professionals, you will gain insights into market trends, customer needs, and industry gaps. Armed with this knowledge, you will have become skilled enough to start your own ventures, leveraging your apprenticeship experience and networks to create successful businesses.

Apprenticeship For University Graduates

As a university graduate, apprenticeships provide a truly compelling addition to your skills and qualifications. A graduate apprenticeship will enable you to gain practical, hands-on experience in your chosen field while continuing your learning journey.

Furthermore, an apprenticeship will give you the chance to apply the theoretical knowledge you gained during your degree program to real-world scenarios, enhancing your skillset and employability so that you can land a job. Below are some reasons why an apprenticeship is an excellent opportunity for a university graduate.

Alternative Pathways to Professional Qualifications

In certain industries, apprenticeships provide alternative pathways to gaining professional qualifications or licenses that are highly regarded by employers. If you wish to enhance your academic qualifications and credentials you can take advantage of postgraduate apprenticeships to supplement your academic achievements and stand out in the competitive job market.

Skill Diversification and Adaptability

Postgraduate apprenticeships provide the opportunity to diversify skill sets beyond the narrow focus of a university degree. You can broaden your knowledge and expertise by working in multidisciplinary teams and gaining skills in areas such as project management leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving, transforming you into an adaptable professionals capable of thriving in diverse work environments.

Social Impact and Community Engagement

Some graduate apprenticeships focus on community development social enterprises, or non-profit sectors, providing university graduates with a unique avenue to contribute to social impact initiatives. If you are passionate about making a positive difference in society then you can align your values with apprenticeships that emphasise social responsibility, sustainability and community engagement.

IT & Digital Technology Apprenticeships At Now Skills

Different apprenticeship levels present different complexities and, as a result, may be better suited for either school graduates or university graduates based on their educational backgrounds and career aspirations.

Level 3 Apprenticeships

Level 3 apprenticeships provide a solid foundation for school graduates, offering a structured learning experience and practical skills development. Apprenticeships like our Digital Marketing Level 3 excel at equipping school graduates with essential knowledge in designing and creating digital marketing campaigns, using technology and social media tools.

Our graduate apprenticeships are an excellent starting point for school graduates looking to enter the IT field directly after completing their secondary education, providing a well-rounded introduction to the field.

Level 4 Apprenticeships

On the other hand, Level 4 or degree apprenticeships offer a more advanced and specialised learning experience, making them a natural progression for university graduates. 

One of the best graduate apprenticeships available is our Level 4 Software Developer apprenticeship which delves deeper into more complex topics, allowing graduates to refine their skills in specific domains such as network configuration, and network administration and giving technical advice and guidance,

Degree apprenticeships enable students to apply their existing theoretical knowledge and academic learning to solve intricate problems and tackle advanced projects. The higher complexity and specialised nature of Level 4 apprenticeships align well with the advanced skill set and critical thinking abilities typically acquired during university studies.

Both levels of apprenticeships offer valuable opportunities for growth and professional development in their respective field, allowing university and school graduates to carve out successful careers based on their unique educational journeys.

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  Written by James Evans

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