Apprenticeship salary

Apprenticeship Salary

Invest your time and invest in yourself

Invest your time and invest in yourself

Apprenticeship salary & Your investment:

If you want to make a positive difference in your life and start a career in IT then you need to invest in yourself. You don’t need to invest any money, but you do need to invest your time and effort and take the opportunity that a digital and IT apprenticeship offers.

You’ll need to invest 15-18 months of your life for much improved future progression opportunities.

How long does an apprenticeship last?

Apprenticeships on average take between 15 months for Level 3 and 18 months for Level 4.  You can complete them more quickly if you are organised and meet your deadlines.

20% of your time is set aside for training and study, and your employer will pay you during this time.

Some apprentices love their jobs so much they sometimes forget to do their coursework, so it is important you focus on your apprenticeship studies, your apprenticeship is the first step in your career, and you need the qualification to validate your skills.

How much will I pay for my apprenticeship?

You pay nothing. However, you do need to invest your time and effort.

This isn’t a university or a commercial course, there are no course fees and there’s no student debt for you to pay off later. Employers and the government invest between £11,000 – £18,000 in you and your apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship salary

Apprenticeship salaries vary from employer to employer. The minimum apprenticeship salary rate can be found here. However, most employers will pay more than this.

Some employers offer pay increments throughout the year and some roles have bonuses attached. The thing to remember about your apprenticeship salary is that if you are a new hire, your employer is taking a risk with someone who is inexperienced and unknown. The key is to be patient and to learn every day and as your apprenticeship journey continues, your value to your employer will increase as will your value on the job market.

How does training work?

It differs slightly depending on the IT apprenticeship you’re enrolled on. It’s best to review the course information pages to check each apprenticeship individually

Our classroom sessions are popular because they are a great way for you to expand your network of contacts, build your LinkedIn profile and really concentrate on your studies away from work with other apprentices who, like you, will have high aspirations and you can support each other.

You’ll have an assigned tutor who will come to your workplace every month for a 1:1 session. They’ll also meet with your workplace mentor and review your work to make sure you’re progressing at the highest standard you can achieve.

You’ll also be invited to virtual classroom sessions, receive a login to e-learning courses and have access to your work in a special cloud portfolio system.

We’re here to support you with day-to-day questions and if you have a Safeguarding concern, we’ll be there for you.