Apprenticeship standards or frameworks

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NowSkills apprenticeships standards and frameworks

NowSkills apprenticeships standards and frameworks

What are apprenticeship standards and apprenticeship frameworks?

All NowSkills apprenticeships are on the new Apprenticeship Standards. Apprenticeship Frameworks were simply the old method of delivering apprenticeships, however, their name appears from time to time so its is useful to understand the differences and why apprenticeship standards are better.

The government’s Trailblazers project evolved into Apprenticeship Standards and in time the Frameworks were replaced by Standards. For a time providers were delivering a mix of both standards. and frameworks.

Standards are more challenging and contain much more technical training and require the training team to be much more technically capable. The role of what was an apprenticeship assessor fundamentally changed to enable the ambition of apprenticeship standards to be realised.


Apprenticeship Standards include something called an End Point Assessment (EPA). The EPA organisation can be selected by the employer, however, in most cases, employers opt to use the EPA organisation recommended by the training provider.

The EPA is a test at the end of the apprenticeship to check the apprentice’s quality of work and to confirm their grade. You can read more about End Point Assessment here. 

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